MINI REVIEW: After Eden by Helen Douglas


After Eden by Helen Douglas 
Published by Bloomsbury Children's Books on November 5th 2013
Genres: young adult, science fiction, fantasy, romance
Pages: 288
Format: ARC
Source: Publisher
Rating: Four stars

 The day Eden met Ryan changed her world forever. Actually, not just her world. Ryan has time travelled from the future to save the world. In a few weeks, Eden’s best friend Connor will discover a new planet—one where human life is possible. The discovery will make him famous. It will also ruin the world as we know it. When Ryan asks Eden for help, she must choose between saving the world and saving her best friend’s greatest achievement. And a crush on Ryan complicates things more than she could have imagined. Because Connor is due to make the discovery after the girl he loves breaks his heart. That girl is Eden. 

A beautiful book that has been perfectly written. After Eden is the debut novel by Helen Douglas. I was so elated to receive this book from the publisher because I had seen so many awesome reviews on Douglas's newest book! So when I began reading this book, on New Year's Eve, I was instantly drawn into the world of time travel. I have never been too fond of dystopian books, but soon finishing reading After Eden I have become addicted to the genre! 

Every one of the characters written into After Eden were spectacular! My favourite had to be Trevor because I found him really awesome and epic! But I wasn't drawn just by the blurb of Douglas's book, I also wanted to read this book because I found the cover quite unique! It includes a multiple amount of colours and it is different from all of the other covers I have seen before. After Eden is a must read and without a doubt, it is one of my favourite books this year! 

The reason why Douglas's book isn't a five star review, is because I didn't enjoy one or two parts. For instance, I didn't enjoy one of the scenes at the beginning of the book because I thought that it didn't really fit well. And another example, is that I thought that one of the lead ups to the ending also didn't fit in very well. (Sorry that I cannot get into more detail, I don't want to give away spoilers. If you want to find out what happens, read this epic book!) XD Other than that, After Eden was a good book.

After Eden was a perfect read and it was a brilliant way to sum up 2013! (Sorry my review was a little late...Okay five months late, but still.) Please read this book and I promise that my next review will be longer. (I'm not really allowed to work on my blog on school nights. But I wanted to write this review really badly! :P) I will be recommending this book to my friends who enjoy the dystopian genre! 
I recived this book from the publisher and in no way did this affect my opinion.

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