MOVIE REVIEW: X-Men Days of Future Past


X-Men Days of Future Past by Marvel Movies 
Realised on 22nd May 2014
Genres: science fiction, fantasy, superhero, thriller, adventure
Duration: 131 mins
Format: 2D and 3D
Rating: Five stars

X-Men: Days Of Future Past' sees the mutants travelling through time to prevent a devastating war that threatens to destroy their species.

The characters from the original X-men trilogy join forces with their younger selves, sending Wolverine back in time to warn the young Charles Xavier (Professor X) and Erik Lensherr (Magneto) of the dangers that lie in store unless they can change the course of history.

This film was, how do I put it, brilliant! Action packed, this movie will set you on edge! Continuing on the amazing X-Men series, Days of Future Past brings something new to the Marvel movies and that is time-travel. (Bit obvious from the synopsis, but y'know.) With Bryan Singer's suberb directing, X-Men has come back better than before with more fighting, comedy and suprises. This movie will place you in a state of shock! The idea of going back in time was a brilliant add on to the science fiction genre and I thought that it was a perfect way of placing it in the newest Marvel film. The poster for this movie is outstanding and when my friends and I saw that poster, we all fangirled/fanboyed all over it!

The action scenes in Singer's movie were awesome! My friend, who was sitting next to me, and I kept on going "ooh" at the powers that the surviving mutants had. There are twists in the plot everywhere and even from the first thirty seconds of the movie, you are hooked. During the movie, I found that Jenifer Lawrence (from The Hunger Games) played a perfect Mystique and I loved how instead of having a stunt person Jenifer did her own stunts! I was truly amazed at that, but then again she did do her own stunts in the current Hunger Games movies. The other actors/actresses were also casted wonderfully and I thought that they perfectly fitted in the film well. Especially Evan Peters who played Quicksilver! He was the best character in Days of Future Past!

Even though I have given this movie five stars, I did think there was one tincy problem but it wasn't worth getting rid of a star. I just thought that seeing it in 3D wasn't that good because there wasn't a lot of effects worth to be seen in 3D. Unlike other movies I have seen in 3D, they have been worth it because it works well with the movie. But in Days of Future Past, I think it should have just stayed in 2D. Apart from that, X-Men Days of Future Past is well worth seeing! I believe that this movie is the best X-men movie I have ever seen. And being a comic fan, that was really hard to say because that has beaten Thor, Captain America and Spider-Man! But, I think that the Senitals were one of the best effects I have seen in my life!

So, go down to your nearest cinema and watch X-Men Days of Future Past because it is not a waste of time and it is a brilliant film that needs to be viewed!
PS: Here's the trailer: 

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