REVIEW: The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani


The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani
Published by Harper Collins on May 14th 2013
Genres: fantasy, young adult, romance
Pages: 488
Format: ARC
Source: WH Smiths 
Rating: Four Stars 

Sophie had waited all of her life to be kidnapped…”

Sophie is one of the prettiest girls in her village; and she has waited all of her life to get kidnapped by the rumoured ‘schoolmaster’ in the hopes of being taken away to the Good part of the fantastical ‘School for Good and Evil’. She makes a friend, Agatha, the quiet, dark haired, pale girl who lives in the graveyard. When both are kidnapped and taken away to the special fairy-tale school, they expect that Sophie will be put into Good, and Agatha into Evil.

Will Agatha and Sophie escape, or will they become merely characters in another fairy tale?

Judging from the blurb, I thought that this book was going to be a boring story. However, after getting so many recommendations I gave in and brought this book. Sitting in Costa with a coffee, I turned to the first page of The School for Good and Evil. And even from the first word, I was drawn into the world of fairy tales and darkness. A couple of pages in, questinons were floating in my mind. One of which were about Sophie, why on earth would she want to be kidnapped? But as I carried on with the chapter, I discovered why and in consequence of that I felt really bad for Sophie. Chainani is a master with emotions! Every chapter is wonderfully detailed and not even halfway through this book, I already knew how I was going to rate The School for Good and Evil!

The cover is beautiful and eye-catching and it also gives away what school both of the girls go to. During the first few chapters of The School for Good and Evil, you are lead to think that Sophie will be placed in the School of Good whereas Agatha will be placed into the School of Evil due to the way their characters are written. In Chainani's book, I really enjoyed it when he described every character to the detail, even the animals! I also loved how the author had made most of the teachers in both schools witty and sarcastic and I did laugh throughout most of the book. On the other hand, I adored the way the plot twisted and the characters with it! The action was amazing and I cannot fault the author on this!

Usually, however, I do not really like books with pictures in it (unless it is a manga or comic book) because it takes focus away from the actual story. But in Chainani's story, the drawings were awesomely drawn and in some way, I could get the character's feelings off of this! Unfortunately, I didn't really enjoy some sections of The School for Good and Evil because I didn't get them. For instance, I didn't really understand Sophie's character through the course of the book. I found it a little confusing so therefore I had to knock off a star in consequence of that. D: Other than that, I immensly loved the book! Clear pictures were in my mind and I always love a story with that kind of power! Soman Chainani is an awesome author!

To sum up, I did enjoy The School for Good and Evil and I will recommend it to a lot of people! This book is clear and perfect (Well...Except for that one mistake!) so please read this epic story! Stay tunned for more reviews!

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