REVIEW: The Bunker Diary by Kevin Brooks


The Bunker Diary by Kevin Brooks
Published by Penguin on March 7th 2013
Genres: young adult, mystery, thriller, realistic fantasy, horror
Pages: 268
Format: ARC
Source: School Library
Rating: Four stars

A gripping book that will leave your mouth open. The Bunker Diary is an emotional book that will leave your mouth open by the end of the book. Now, I didn't really have a choice in reading The Bunker Diary because I had to take part in a inter-school competition called the Carnegie Book Awards. A few months ago, the shortlist was announced and The Bunker Diary was one of the books that had made it onto the list. When I looked at the cover, I was pushed away from the story because there are a lot of dark colours. Don't judge a book by it's cover. That's my favourite saying and yet, I did not follow it. But from the blurb, I did think that this book was something! So I checked it out of my library and began reading. However, just before I left my library my librarian told me that the book had ended in a special way. I gave her a confused look and began reading. And to be honest, when I first began to read I did get a little bit bored. There was nothing at the beginning. Although, as the book came together I had found The Bunker Diary a really exotic story.

The plot is an emotional roller coaster that only goes up! Brooks's plot is amazing-it pulls you into the story and you feel like you are part of the book! It's a wonderful feature of the book! I particularly loved some of the characters in The Bunker Diary because Brooks had made them (the characters) seem like they were real people in the book. My favourite character was Jenny-she was a small innocent child. But she wasn't naive. I really loved how Brooks had written Jenny's character because she wasn't like one of those children who give up on hope. I found Jenny inspirational and she was also such a brave child. Brooks had created one brilliant character! The Bunker Diary is heavy with description! Every second of this book was a pleasure to read!

When I had got to the end of the book, this was my reaction "WHAT THE HELL!? THERE HAS TO BE MORE. THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING! BROOKS YOU BETTER EXPLAIN YOURSELF!!?" The ending was so unexpected! EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED! It was so, so, so, so, so, so, so, sooooo good! However, the best bit of Brooks's writing was that you remember most of the quotes. (Well I do, anyway.) My favourite quote was "You are a very bad man mister!" and that was from Jenny. (Told you she was my favourite character!) The Bunker Diary was also quite funny, you will laugh in some sections of Brook's book!

So, The Bunker Diary is a brilliant book and I really want you to read this AND also for Brooks's story to win the Carnegie Awards! So read it!


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