REVIEW: Say Her Name by James Dawson


Say Her Name by Helen Douglas 
Published by Hot Key Books on June 5th 2014
Genres: young adult, fantasy, paranormal, horror, mystery
Pages: 240
Format: ARC
Source: Publisher
Rating: Five stars

I am literary shaking as I write this review. James Dawson has scared me so much, I have told him that I am officially scared of him! Say Her Name was the first horror book I have ever read and um, apart from being scared to death-Say Her Name was an awesome book! Dawson has made a massive impression on the YA bookshelves and I have to say that he has made a brilliant impression towards me! Say Her Name may be a horror book, but it is also a comedy book! From the first page, I was pulled into the world of supernatural power and dark stories! I have always been familiar with the story of Bloody Mary, and I have done the dare before. And yet, Say Her Name has somehow improved the story to make it more gruesome and scarier! Thanks to the author, I am now checking everywhere I go so that I know Bloody Mary isn't anywhere near me! *Checks room that I'm in.*

Say Her Name has some amazing English features, for instance: similes, suspense, cliff hangers! Ah...Writing this review is so hard! Dawson has included some surprising description that gave me shivers up my spine and my hands became clammy. Due to this book being so flipping brilliant, I was able to finish it in one day! At nine o'clock at night, yes I know I shouldn't of have read it at night, I finished Say Her Name and while I was hiding under my covers; I was also thinking of the comedy features. There is a balance of the both and I really think that they both work really well together! Dawson is a unique author as well as his new book! The prologue really hooks the reader in the book and Dawson is a genius at building suspense and terror!

Say Her Name will be stuck in your head for days, just because of the ending. I have never read a book with that type of ending before! It was brilliant! And only today did I find out who and what actually happened thanks to the author himself! I really loved Bobbie and Caine because they were both so perfect and I ship them so badly, Boain!!

However, there is one thing that I really regret about this book and it is that I really want to know more about Naya, who is Bobbie's best friend! If there was more description to Naya, I would be so much happier. Nonetheless, I loved Say Her Name so much and I will (hopefully) re-read this book again! Go out to your closest book store and buy this book! It is one of a kind! :D
I received this book from the publisher and in no way did that affect my opinion.

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