As I had said in the last post, I was also going to do a second post on YALC because it was a weekend event and I went to both days! Sunday was more relaxed than Saturday, which I was grateful for, and I think it was even more better than the day before because I got to *finally* meet Holly Smale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And a load of other authors!! Sunday was also the day where I fully met Lucy from Queen of Contemporary and I also met up with Sabrina from The Delirious Reader! And also Georgia from The Bibliomaniac Book Blog and her brother Sam who owns The Ticket Monster. It was a really awesome day and below are the pics of the authors and some of the autographs that they gave me AND also a supprise author and a brilliant cosplay, while I will also be posting up the best male author from Saturday and Sunday and also the best female from Saturday and Sunday!! So today's post will be amazeballs!!

First up I met James Dawson, author of Say Her Name; Cruel Summer, This Book Is Gay (not out yet); Being A Boy and Hollow Pike. James was brilliant on Sunday and after winning Queen of Teen on Friday, he still wore his golden crown for everybody to see. I really wanted to wear that but I was too afraid to ask! I thought that James was really nice, he spoke with me for a bit (while he was signing all of the books that I brought with me) and I genuenally thought he was quite epic. My reviews for James's books will be going up soon, but before that follow James on Twitter: @_jamesdawson and like his Facebook page: James has some really good books out there so go out and buy/read/borrow them! Below is one of my autographs from James. This is from Say Her Name which is out now!

Next I met Holly Black, author of many series and her latest book (The Coldest Girl In Coldtown) was the book that I got signed by her after a half an hour wait for her. (I got to the line early!) Sadly, I wasn't allowed to have my own picture with Holly so I just got a pic of her signing by book! D= But I am really excited to read The Coldest Girl In Coldtown so please wait for my review! Holly didn't really speak as much as I hoped she would but nonetheless, Holly was really nice and I think you should check out her Twitter profile: @hollyblack Please read her books! Holly is a talented author who needs to be noticed! I think her que was the same length for Rainbow Rowell which was slightly scary but awesome at the same time! Below, is the autograph that Holly gave me! Holly Black will be back for more signings soon, I think! So keep your eye out for those book events! And Holly's hair is AM-AZ-ING!! It is so blue!!!!! =3

Thirdly, I met Isobel Harrop author of The Isobel Journal which I will read in the next week or so! Isobel was really sweet and I am not sure if you can see it, but there was an otter behind me. Isobel told me that I could sit on the otter but because I didn't want to damage it, I sat right on the edge of the chair while Isobel's mum took the picture for me! It was lovely what the author had written in my autograph and I really wish I could draw just like Isobel!!! About an hour before I met Isobel, I didn't realise that she stood next to me and spoke to me until Lucy (the blogger) told me that it was her. I felt like an idiot!! I seriously cannot wait to read Isobel's book! Twitter: @IsobelJournal

I MET HOLLY SMALE, I MET HOLLY SMALE!!! My all time favourite author and heroine!!! I camped out in her line for nearly TWO HOURS just to meet her because when she did a book event, I missed her so YALC was my chance to meet her and I finally did!! Earlier on Twitter, Holly had told me that she would give me a massive hug and she did!! And then I got another one when I came back to her with her short story, Team Geek! (Which is really good!) Holly Smale is an inspiration and I am so overjoyed that I had got to meet her! I actually think that Sunday was a dream after 15:15 p.m.! Thank you Holly for making my weekend!!! =P Twitter: @HolSmale

So those were all the authors that I had met on Sunday but I'd like to say that when I did my 'Day Before' post, I mentioned that Laure Eve (author of Fearsome Dreamer) was going to be floating around the place! Well, I found her and she recognised me and she signed my copies of Fearsome Dreamer and The Illusionists. So THANK YOU LAURE!!! Here is the autograph from Fearsome Dreamer!
And yesterday, I finshed Take Back The Skies by Lucy Saxon and it was so, so, so, so good!!! Please read it but here is the best cosplay by her yet:
This was Lucy doing a cosplay of her own book character, Fox of whom she (highlight if you want to read!) broke my heart with by shooting him in the back!!  But Lucy is the Queen of Cosplays!!!

SO here are the awards for best male for Saturday and Sunday!

Saturday: Andy Robb-Geekhood Series!

Sunday: James Dawson-Say Her Name!

Best female authors for Saturday and Sunday:

Saturday: Lucy Saxon-Take Back The Skies.

Sunday: Holly Smale-Geek Girl series!

Thank you for an amazing weekend YALC organisers and I hope for it to happen again next year!
Georgia x

Holly Smale, For the hug. 

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