BOOK EVENT: YALC-Young Author Litterature Convention! (SATURDAY!!!)


So if you didn't see my last post on TBB, go and check it out NOW before you begin reading this post otherwise you will have no idea what I am going on about!! Anyway, YALC was part of LFCC which is a Showmasters yearly event. So on Saturday and Sunday, I went off to this event with so much excitement because there were so many authors that I was going to meet! I arrived at YALC, after a long train journey, and I managed to get tickets for every talk and then I walked around getting free stuff from book swaps and so many other epic stuff!!! Then about half-an-hour after I arrived at LFCC, I finally met Charli from To Another World and also Sebrina from The Delirious Reader! Then, after a lot of tweeting, we all met up with Sophie from A Day Dreamers World. There were so many people to say "hi" to it was amazing! Everyone that I met were so nice and I think they were the best people I have ever met in my entire life! So thank you guys for making my weekend!!!! :D

Saturday was the first day of YALC and it was so BUSY!!!!!!!! Everywhere you looked was so packed, it was stupid!!! That really disappointed me but on the other hand delighted me because YALC was a success! Here is a pic of the books that I took from my house in the morning...

It isn't a lot of books, but just wait and see until I post up the picture of all the books I arrived home with on Saturday evening! (Clue: It's alot.) From left to right: The Elites by Natasha Ngan, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, Skullduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy, Fearsome Dreamer by Laure Eve and Attachments by Rainbow Rowell. My favourite? Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. When I was queuing for Rainbow Rowell, after the Superfans Unite talk, the line was so out of hand that it went from Rainbow's table, in a loop and then a straight bit and then another loop. It was nuts! And sad thing for me, I was stuck in line for an hour and a half-well my mum was! (I made her stand in line while I got Andy Robb's autograph and Lucy Saxon's autograph!) I thought that the talks were brilliant and I really wish I was able to get front row seats on It's The End of The World As We Know It talk. Only because it had Patrick Ness featured!!! D: But I did enjoy the talk so much!!!

Lucy's cosplay of Captain America! <3 <3
Here was Lucy Saxon's autograph!! (I am currently reading Take Back The Skies and it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!!!) Lucy cosplayed as Captain America and OMG it was so good! I really wish I had it for myself!!! Lucy was so lovley and I think that she was the youngest author that was at YALC on both days! If you do not know who Lucy then follow her on Twitter: @Lucy_Saxon and also subscribe to her YouTube channel:
Lucy is a brilliant person and I love her so much!

While I was waiting for Rainbow, I did go and meet Andy Robb first, before Lucy, because he was the closest to me and also I really wanted to read his books. I walked up to him and I didn't really know what to expect from meeting Mr. Robb. But I think Andy has been one of my favourite new encounters. Andy was so NICE and FUNNY! I walked up to him really nervous and he just gave me a big smile and said "Hello!" and then we had a lovely conversation about his books and when he was signing my copies of my Geekhood series, he thought I was my best friend, who is also called Georgia! But he joked around saying "Well you get on Twitter and tell Georgia to make an apology to me!" I couldn't stop laughing!!! Andy has so much character! :D
Andy Robb and me!
Here is the first book's signature, the second has the same! :D
 I really think that Andy is a wonderful person and I find him really inspirational! He is such a different person from whom I have met before. Usually when I go to author signings, the authors are just "Oh, hi how are you?" whereas Andy engages in a conversation with you and you really get into what he has to say! THANK YOU FOR THIS ANDY!!! Follow Andy on Twitter: @ThatAndyBloke and I really want his hat and shirt. IT. IS. SO. AMAZEBALLS!!!!!! Um, Andy, I am taking your Mavel shirt and you will never see it again! Sorry! Not so sorry! =P

Derek Landy and me!
 When I met Derek Landy, I actually camped out in his line for fourty five minutes just to be in the front of the line becuase Derek's books are so outstanding! He was so nice and kind and also a little bit funny! Derek is an awesome guy and I am so glad that I did finally meet him!! When I met Derek, my mum and step-dad were with me and he even got them in a convostation which really pleased me becasue not a lot of authors actually do that! And I love the autograph that he gave me! IT IS SO GOOD I WANT TO HUG IS SO BADLY!!! Follow Derek on Twitter: @DerekLandy. If you haven't read any of the Skullduggery Pleasant series, go read it now!!!!! I cannot recommend it enough! It is such a gripping series, you will like it instantly-believe me bookworms! Derek was also at YALC on Sunday but he wasn't doing a signing-just taking picures! (I spotted him taking a pic of James Dawson when he was signing my books! James is a brilliant guy!) The que for Derek Landy was so long, I am actually glad that I was able to grab first place in the line, I would've been in line for hours...AGAIN!!
The amazing autograph from Derek!!!!!!!!!!!! *Stares*
Derek is such a cheerful man, I think all the authors were when I went! YALC was a success!! Woop!!!!!! *Dances, a lot! Fangirlish dance!*

 Natasha Ngan was one of the authors I was so egar to meet because I love her books so much! They are so beautifully written that you believe everything that you read is real! She was such a lovley woman, always wearing a HUGE smile on her face and she was so elated to have her picture done with me! She even wondered what my blog was called which made me go wild after I had met her! THANK YOU NATASHA! And many people have asked how do you pronouce her last name, Ngan. I did ask her this because it has caused me some confusion in the past. Natasha doesn't mind N-gan but the actual way to say her last name is knee-an. It is such a beautiful name! I did manage to grab Natasha's newest book for free from a book swap that I got from Hot Key Books so I kind of went haywire. But follow Natasha on Twitter: @girlinthelens
Natasha Ngan and me!! 

Below is the autograph that she gave me and Natasha's handwriting so, so, so neat!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Shocked face!* Most author's autographs are just a scribble so this has made me go over the moon!

Natasha's autograph in her newest book!

So after an hour and a half, I finally met Rainbow Rowell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was brilliant at the Superfans Unite talk and she was just so comical! I remember her saying that she would want to live in the Goblet of Fire movie because the actors had good haircuts and jumpers! OMG! Goblet of Fire is my favourite Harry Potter so I did have a little spasam moment while I was sitting in my chair! (The woman who sat next to me gave me some very strange looks!) Rainbow had travelled the longest to get to LFCC because she had flown all the way from NEBRASKA!!! I feel so sorry for her! But meeting Rainbow was a dream come true after such a long wait. Rainbow was nice, but she didn't really engage in a quick converstation which really had upset me but oh well!!! =) Overall, Rainbow was a wonderful author to meet! After reading Fangirl I had really wanted to meet her! So YALC was made even more awesome because of her!

Her autograph was so cool! Meow! *Purr*
Follow Rainbow Rowell on Twitter: @rainbowrowell

Was YALC a success? YES! Will I want to go to it next year? HECK YEAH! I loved Saturday so much-I want to re live it so I cannot wait for next year to come around! Follow YALC on Twitter: @yalc_uk. It was such a fun weekend and I loved meeting all of the bloggers! 

Charli, To Another World:
Lucy, Queen of Contemporary:
Sophie, A Day Dreamers World:
Debbie, Snuggling on The Sofa:
Mum, for standing in line for Rainbow Rowell and getting tickets! 
Sabrina, The Delirious Reader:

Georgia x

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