BOOK REVIEW: Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor.


Set in Mississippi at the height of the Depression, this is the story of one family's struggle to maintain their integrity, pride, and independence in the face of racism and social injustice. And it is also Cassie's story—Cassie Logan, an independent girl who discovers over the course of an important year why having land of their own is so crucial to the Logan family, even as she learns to draw strength from her own sense of dignity and self-respect.
 I don't usually read classics, but when we were given the choice to read Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry or Frankenstein, I decided to pick Taylor's book because it seemed very original and educational from other books that I have read before! I have read Frankenstein before but that was a couple of years ago and I never really had enjoyed it but on the other hand, I thought that Roll Of Thunder was very alluring from the blurb. So I began reading it and from the first page, I was amazed at the way that people had treated other people back in the day! I thought that this book was written to give people a sense of what racism was like then and also now days! It is despicable! Taylor really plays with your emotions in Roll Of Thunder and I think it is quite wonderful how the author makes you feel as if you are the main character itself; I love that aspect of any book and I think it is even better when it is from a classical book! During the course of the book, I really started to feel sorry for Taylor because she makes you think that she went through the exact same thing as the Logan family did! This was quite spectacular because it is shocking of what the author makes you think about this book!

When I was reading this book, I came really close to the characters-especially Jeremy! I thought that his character was different character who wasn't born with hatred and he is friends with the people who his parents don't want him to be friends with! I loved the way Taylor had written his character and I think that Jeremy was a very inspirational person in Roll Of Thunder! I thought that the plot was very gripping and the author clearly makes a clear image in your head. However, there were a few bits of Roll Of Thunder that I didn't enjoy because I thought that they (some chapters) were too upsetting or that they (some sentences) didn't make any sense at all! So I was a little dissapointed with that. But I did really enjoy the book so I was very pleased with the outcome of the book! I think that Taylor was a really good author and I now really want to read all of the author's books! Thank you Puffin Books for publishing a brilliant book!

Overall, I loved Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry and I know that sometime in the future I will be re-reading it. I think that it is a brilliant to read. However, due to some racial sections I do recommend you to be at least twelve and over to read Taylor's book. If there wern't any mistakes, I would totally give this book five stars! Taylor's book will teach you about the life of a black person in the 1930s when life was hard for them and be prepared for emotions! This book is a river of feels and I cannot get enough of the literature that is in this book! Please read this book and even the rest of Taylor's books! I think that during the summer holidays, I will be going to my local library to borrow her books! Let me know if you have read this book or any of Taylor's other books in the comments below, Twitter (Tweet me @Books_Bandit), Facebook ( or E-Mail me at!!

Georgia x
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Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor
Published by Puffin Books on October 10th 1976
Genres: young adult, historical fantasy, romance, realistic fiction
Pages: 288
Format: ARC
Source: English Teacher
Rating: Four stars

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