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So, y'all might not know how big of a fan I am of The Fault In Our Stars that I am and I was over the moon when this book was becoming a movie. I saw it a week after it came out and when I arrived at the cinema, I may or may not have done a little fangirlish squeal! I went in with forty-five tissues and exited with forty- five drowned tissues. TFIOS was AMAZING! But anyway, Rita (who tagged me for The Book Sacrifice Tag.) asked if anyone wanted to do a buddy review for TFIOS with her and I was the first (I think) to reply back. And this review isn't like any other review, it will be the best review you will ever read in your life!!! :3 So go read it!

The following questions were from me! (That's why they are blue and so is this text!)

Me: Um, what did you think of the first five minutes? :)
 Rita: They were perfect! My eyes were already watering from the If I Stay trailer, and then it was 5 mins of sheer perfection and anticipation!

Me: What did you think on the overall film? :)
 Rita: I loved every single aspect of it. I could not have asked for a better adaptation. It was perfect from the characters to the script!! :D
Me: Did you think the film was excatly like the film?? ;3
Me: Did you find any mistakes in the film?
 Rita: None, I don't think!
Me: What was your thought on Amsterdam?
 Rita: Amsterdam was exactly what I pictured, and it hit me right in the feels! I really hope to go one day!
Me: Do you think there should be a sequel?
Me: What was your view towards the end? :3
 Rita: My view... Well, through the waterfall rushing down my face I did manage to catch the ending and a chorus of sniffles all around me..
Me: What was the best bit of the movie?

Me: How did you feel after the movie?
 Rita: Well, I was a wreck. Yep, I was a sobbing mess who had just relived the book all over again. I like to think of it as a beautiful pain. ;)

Now it's Rita's questions and my answers! (It's the switch of colours! Rita=Red. Me=Blue.
Rita: What was your first impression of Hazel? :)
 Me:  Hah, hah! Um, I love the character but I think that a different actress should've played her.
Rita: So which casting choices pleased you? :D
 Me: The guy who played Isaac and Ansel-OMG he was like the Augustus I dreamed of! Mr and Ms Lancaster were also brilliant!! :)
Rita: What was your favourite scene?? :)
 Me: Hah, hah same! Ummmmmmmmmmm, the Peter Van Houton part the part when Hazel gets back to the airport when Mr Lancaster had the sign saying '"My beautiful family." (Augustus)' And the first support group.
Rita: When did you start crying in the film?
 Me: From the first five minutes! :) 
Rita: What was your favourite line that they included from the book??
 Me: Maybe our okay will be our always.
Rita: What scene did you cry at the most?? :)
 Me: The part when Gus was at the gas station and also when the funeral begun.
Rita: What's your rant on the idea of a sequel?
 Me: Well, I've always thought that in the future Hazel hooks up with Isaac and then they get married. But as Isaac said in the movie, I can never see a world without Augustus Waters. But if John ever writes another book, I might as well go to hell as I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TAKE IN THE FEELS!!!
Rita: What did you think of the soundtrack?? I personally loved it!
 Me:  I may have downloaded nearly all the songs. Boom Clap was the best! *Starts singing*
Rita: After you had wallowed in your feels for a few days, did you feel like you would watch it again?
 Me: Yes! I felt like that the moment the credits began!! :) The feels are still with me!!!

That was all the questions! THANK YOU RITAAAAA! *Massive hugs!* Thank you for a) the awesome answers and b) the brilliant questions! We need to do more reviews together! 


Georgia x 

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