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I am a MASSIVE fan of Harry Potter and if you look in all my school books/notebooks/text books, you will see the Deathly Hallows sign. But when it comes to picking a house people expect me to go for Griffindor (Harry's house-if you don't know.) or Slytherin (Draco's house-if you don't know.) However, I am a little different and I chose Hufflepuff when I first began watching the movies because I thought that the house was kinda awesome! And also, my house is close to the kitchens so we can sneak out food from the elfs! TAKE THAT GRIFFINDOR, SLYTHERIN AND RAVENCLAW! The saying for Hufflepuff I just love because it suits me so well! Just and loyal. I am both and a little bit Ravenclawish so I am sort of Divergent in both (Divergent is a book review I will be posting up soon!) Nonetheless, I will not betray my house! So in this post there are going to be two things facts about Hufflepuff and some awesome Harry Potter stuff! Enjoy! :D

Okay, so not many people may know this but if you look at the word 'Hufflepuff', and you shorten it down to HP-HP stands for both Harry Potter and Hufflepuff! Genius! Anyway, here are some more facts about Hufflepuff:
  • We're awesome.
  • We're even more awesome than you will ever be.
  • We get more food than you. 
  • We have Cedric Diggory, well HAD if you think of Goblet of Fire. 
  • We are not just brave, evil or smart. 
  • We are the best house in Hogwarts. 
You see, Hufflepuff is so awesome-you will be glad that the Hat had put you there!! Okay, I also forgot to put that there will be a little quiz that I have put together to see what house you are in, so take it!
Say you were confronted by Death. He wishes to bestow upon you a great gift, for having thwarted him. Which would you ask for?
A) A stone that can bring back the dead.
B) A Cloak of invisibility.
C) The most powerful wand in the world. 
D) A screwdriver.
You have a very difficult final exam coming up next week. How do you prepare?
A) Study in the library, where it is quiet.
B) By studying early, so you don't worry too much.

C) By forming a study group, questioning the Professor also gives the hint.
D) Wing it, make it up as you go along.
You find you have lost the trail while hiking in the mountains and now you are hopelessly disoriented. What do you do?
A) Go to the top of the mountain, to get a good look of things.
B) Turn back in the direction you came, so you can get your trail again.
C) Stay put where you are and wait for someone to find you.
D) Jump off the mountain, hoping you land somewhere soft.
Pick a pastime.
A) Chilling in a pub, drinking Butterbeer.
B) Playing sports.
C) Reading.
D) Daydreaming.
What frightens you the most?
A) Needles.
B) Falling.
C) Storms.
D) The dark.
Which animal do you identify with the most?
A) Lion.
B) Badger.
C) Snake.
D) Eagle.
You are in a completely barren, white room. There is a red piece of paper on the floor. What do you do with it?
A) Eat it.
B) Make a hat out of it.
C) Tear it to pieces.
D) Leave it alone.

Answer time!!
Mostly A-Griffindor.
Mostly B-Hufflepuff.
Mostly C-Slytherin.
Mostly D-Ravenclaw.

Tell me what you got!

So now for some funny Harry Potter stuff!!! Please laugh your socks off at these upcoming pics! :D

This might be my favourite, it's from Goblet of Fire and, gah!
Oh hey Ron, there is a massive spider behind you!
I think that this is awesome!
Only Sheldon knows.
And finally me after looking at these pictures and the ones on Google: 

So let me know what you got on the quiz and tell me what house you are in and also tell me how much of a Harry Potter fan you are! 

Georgia x

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