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I guess for about a year or so now, Malorie Blackman announced that she was hosting the first ever book convention and tomorrow is the debut of YALC-which stands for Young Author Lit Convention! And I am so excited because not only do I get to meet authors, I get to meet BLOGGERS!! On Sat I am meeting: Charli from To Another World, Lucy from Queen of Contemporary, Jayd (hopefully) from Books Food and Other Things! (Sorry if I have left anyone out!!) So below is the books that I am taking with me!!!!

I am overexcited!!!!!!!!! So here are the authors I am meeting on Saturday! 

  • Lucy Saxon
  • Rainbow Rowell
  • Derek Landly
  • Natasha Ngan 
And for Sunday...


  • Holly Smale
  • James Dawson 
So I know I am not meeting a HUGE amount on Sunday but, Holly and James are my author hereos so that's better!! And here is a list of the talks I am going to...


  • It's the end of the world as we know it: the ongoing appeal of dystopia with Malorie Blackman, Sarah Crossman, Patrick Ness, James Smythe. 
  • Superfans unite with Tim O' Rourke, Rainbow Rowell, Lucy Saxon, Andy Robb. 
  • Heroes of horror with Charlie Higson, Will Hill, Derek Landly, Darren Shan, Rosie Flecher. 
And for Sunday:


  • I'm too sexy for this book with Cat Clarke, Non Pratt, Beth Reekles, James Dawson. 
  • Sisters doing it for themselves with Tanya Burne, Isabel Harrop, Julie Mayhew, Holly Smale, Sarra Manning.  


  • Starting to write
  • The art of blogging 

  • Create your own amazing adventure comic
  • Movellas:fan culture & communities 
So this will be a B.U.S.Y weekend...PICTURES WILL BE PUT UP!

Georgia x

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