A Quick Update


Dear blog viewer,
Good morning! As you may have seen on a couple of posts, that the title header has changed. Well, it was just an experiment for the blog's update and today I am going to change it back to how it used to be. I think this might be easier than before because I was always rushing onto PicMonkey (that is a really good photoshop to use) and then I have to do my reviews and stuff. So I thought instead of wasting time, I will just carry on with the normal post titles that Blogger has provided me with. That said, the last post that you will see the blue banner is on Sunday for the Monthly Recap post. Starting from today, I will be back onto the post titles. I am sorry if you liked the change however, I do want to put widgets in the sidebar but the headers get covered by what I put on there. So I am really sorry about that! Anyway, today will be filled of reviews and I will also be doing a post for the people who are starting Secondary School next week! So I'd better get started with the reviews and the post!

Georgia, the owner of the blog! :D

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