YAY, I am on time this month! (I've scheduled this post!) And this is more of a Summer Book readcap. So every summer, I always set my self the challenge of beating the amount of books I have read and this summer I definately have. I have read well over thrity books. Yes call me a "Geek" but I have made a new record. 

Books I have read this August. (Some of the thrity was from last month.) 

  • Glass Houses 
  • The Dead Girls Dance 
  • Midnight Alley 
  • Feast of Fools 
  • Lord of Misrule 
  • Carpe Corpus
  • Fade Out 
  • Kiss of Death
  • Ghost Town
  • Bite Club
  • Last Breath 
  • Black Dawn 
  • Bitter Blood
  • Fall of Night 
  • Daylighters 
  • This Book Is Gay 
  • Heir of Fire 
  • Six Moon Summer 
  • All Hallows Moon
  • Long Night Moon 
  • Gray Moon Rising 
  • The Isobel Journal 
  • Fearsome Dreamer
  • The Illusionists
  • The Coldest Girl In Coldtown
  • Geek Girl
  • Model Misfit
  • Picture Perfect 
  • The Fallen Star
  • The Maze Runner 
 Okay...So I might have read a lot of books this summer! *Bites lip and walks away* 

What books have you read this summer and how many? Why don't you set a record for next summer? 

So today I went on Goodreads and I checked on how many books I have read this year. I have read 150 different books. Geez.. 
 But that is a party to me so heck yeah!

Song of the month: 
Glow by Ella Henderson

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