BOOK REVIEW: The Maze Runner by James Dansher.



When the doors of the lift crank open, the only thing Thomas remembers is his first name. But he's not alone. He's surrounded by boys who welcome him to the Glade - a walled encampment at the centre of a bizarre and terrible stone maze. Like Thomas, the Gladers don't know why or how they came to be there - or what's happened to the world outside.
There have been many reviews praising The Maze Runner and after reading a couple, I thought that I should go out and read this book that everybody has been talking about. I am really sorry to say, but what the hell is this deal about. Sure it was a very good book to read however, I do not understand why everyone was going nuts over this novel. I'm sorry, but I was kind of bored while reading this book there was no emotion to this plot line. A friend actually shoved this book under my nose while I was at school saying that this book was better than Harry Potter! (Uh...Nothing is better than Harry Potter. And if you think that there are better books out there then you must be a muggle.) I laughed but when I had finished this book I thought about the conversation and then another friend of mine said the same.

I really did not understand why the author had written this book. There was hardly any action, you couldn't even tell whether it was a Dystopian/Science Fiction book,  you didn't know what the main characters' personalities were all about and this is not a must have for The Hunger Games fans! This book, in one word, sucks. However, I did love some parts and that was when the characters were killed off. I was quite happy with that because the author did put some brilliant description in thosesscenes! But really, I cannot unfathom how this book is becoming a Book-To-Film-Adaptation. I really can't. Before reading The Maze Runner, I was so excited about the film coming out in October. Now, I am toying about whether going or not! I am really disappointed with this book. I think that the first page was written very well, it gripped me into the story and that really pleased me. And then on the fifth page the whole story was lost! It took me two times, TWO FREAKING TIMES, to get into this book! 

The Maze Runner takes forever to finally start enjoying it and I was expecting more out of the author and the book itself. The publisher and a whole bunch of reviewers say that it is "...A Must Have For Fans Of The Hunger Games!" I say that if you want to die of boredom, please, this is a must have for you! But honestly, I am so glad that I did not waste eight pounds on this piece of trash. The characters were written poorly and there was a thing between the two main characters that was not explained to make me understand what the hell was going on! As I am writing this review, I am reading a friend's review and she has, roughly, the same points as I do! (Thank you Fi!) I keep on thinking about the comment on the cover. The Hunger Games is like The Maze Runner. Sure, if you think that The Maze Runner is a TV show where children fight to the death every year then you must be a) joking to me or b) that gullible. THERE IS NO EVERLARK IN THIS BOOK AND THERE ARE NOT ANY SHIPS IN THIS BOOK! 

The writing did work nicely together and I hate cliffhangers. This book is full of them. Some were good, others were so terrible I literary wanted to rip this book up and burn it and then throw it's ashes out of the window! I am not even joking. Some of the chapters didn't even make sense and this really made the whole plot collapse! If I had a TARDIS, I would chuck the author in and demand that he re-writes this novel. I actully do not want to carry on with this series because I am terrified that the other two novels will turn out the same! I feel like this book was rushed and the only other thing I loved about this book was the blurb.

Ah yes, the money waster! I am shocked that my school brought the book itself. The blurb makes you want to read the book and when you buy it and hate it, there goes your money. This author feeds off of your dissapointment! (Or happiness, it's your call.) I did like one character, but he had a really small part and it grew right until the end. That was Minho. At first I was like,"Yeah he seems nice." and by the end of the book, I did sort of fall in love with him but Minho will never be my OTP! The Maze Runner will be a book I will never set my hands/eyes again. If you have brought this novel and you are about to read it. Read the blurb again and make sure you really want to go through this novel. Please make the right choice. I recommend another book like This Book Is Gay or Heir of Fire or The Memory Keepers if you want to be pleased. I have joined this fandom but I will not be fangirling to the extent that I would want to faint and frankly why would I want to? I call myself a Runner but that is because of the fandom's name. 

This book has not been written right and I think that you should avoid this book because I don't recommend it. However, due to the parts I did like about this novel, I have saved this book from falling to hell. (That means two moustaches or lower.) This book drags on and to be honest it is only two times better than Halo. (That is another story itself.) DFTBA! 
So I said that this book is becoming a Book-To-Film-Adaptation and I thought that I should include the trailer and thus, here it is! The trailer make the book seem really good. It is just a kiss up. (But the movie does seem awesome!) 

If you watch Teen Wolf, you'll reconise Dylan who play Thomas in this film! 

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