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Hello lovely bookworms! Today I have been tagged by Tessa from Crazy for YA. I'm quite excited about this tag because I find it really interesting. Tessa has done a brilliant post and I think you should check it out! :D Thank you to Tessa for tagging me for this post!

The Book Life Tag is about your bookish life. To your parents/sister/brother/school, to even your pet. Since I have began to adore books, I have imagined myself in the different fictional worlds. So this post will give y'all a little insight of my ideal fictional world I would want to live in.

Who would your parents be?
This is the hardest question ever! For my mum, I would have Mia's mother from If I Stay and Luke from The Mortal Instuments series. I love Mia's mum because she is so different and unique and strange and Luke because who doesn't want a werewolf as a father?

 Who would be your sister?
Katniss Everdeen, of course. I'm sorry but she is one of the most couragous heroines I have ever met and plus, she has a Peeta and a Gale. *Cough* But I totally ship Everlark! 

Who would be your brother?
Adam from If I Stay. I love him so much but I don't see him as a fictional boyfriend. Is that a bad thing? However, movie Adam from the film If I Stay-Well, that is a completely different stroy itself.

Who would be your pet?
Church, Church, Church!!!!! (From The Mortal Instruments) This has to be one of the best written pets ever!

Where would you live?
Victorian London. For two reasons. A) Because Jem is there and B) Gideon is there!

Where would you go to school?
Hogwarts of course. My letter my have been three years late. But I am an offical Hogwarts student who is in Hufflepuff.

Who would be your best friend?
Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley. I love those girls so much because I feel like I can compare myself to those two girls! (BTW I have finally finished all of the Harry Potter books and I can now fully call myself a Potterhead!)

Who would be your significant other?
This will be a hell of a long list so I will have to say: Jace, Finnick, Peeta, Jem, Magnus, Neville and, uh, Ash. I will shut up now.


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