Anime TV Show: Valkyria Chronicles


Lookit! My favourite anime EVER! Valkyria Chronicles was an anime that my friend recommened me, and I spent a whole day watching the first season when I was off ill a few weeks ago. The series is so gripping and enticing and it is an amazing series that I cannot shut up about! The series is on top of my favourites list, with the likes of Negima, High School Of The Dead, Angel Beats and so much more!

Everything about this show is outstanding and I really want everyone to watch it, well if you are an anime fan. And is it too early to say that I haven't watched Death Note yet? But anyway, the series is brilliant and here is a link to the site that I have been watching the series on:

The art in this show has been drawn really well and the images are really vivid and that's what I love about anime! The events in this show will make your mouth drop and I did that a good few times and you will love the characters so, so much! *Cough* That guy on the right is Welkin and I OWN him.

This is a really hard review to write and I am just struggling for words. If you are not a fan of anime, then I am sure that this show will make you begin to like this type of art! This series, I would say, should be for people who are in secondary school because there are a few scenes that younger children should not be seeing yet.

Once again, as I tell my friend, I love this show and everything about it is perfect. Enough said.

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