BOOK REVIEW: Goose by Dawn O'Porter (Paper Aeroplanes #2)


It's a year and a half on from Paper Aeroplanes, and Renée is now living with her Aunty Jo. They even have geese, and Renée likes to sit and watch them, wondering if she'll ever find 'the One' - someone who will love her no matter what, and be there for her no matter how bad things get. She and Flo are in their final year at school, and they've got some tough choices to make - like will they go to university? And if so where - and will they go together? Renée's usual ambivalence on the matter shocks Flo, who had assumed they'd continue as they were, the best and closest of friends, forever. She feels as though she needs Renée's support more than ever, so when a handsome young boy enters Flo's life, she finds herself powerfully drawn to his kindness, and his faith. Renée and Flo's friendship will soon be tested in a way neither of them could have expected - and if Paper Aeroplanes was a book about finding friendship, Goose is the novel that explores whether it's possible to keep hold of it.
OMG THE FEELS IN THIS BOOK! Dawn O'Porter has done it again with her second heart stopping novel in her newest series! Carrying on from her first book, Paper Aeroplanes, this book really gives you the feeling of what being a girl is like and it actually gives boys the understanding of what we go through! The format for this book is amazing, there isn't any chapters in this book but the different POVs of Renée and Flo! These two characters have to be the most genius characters because they are so real! The characters have come back so beautifully it's like they have never left you before! Each page gives you a different insight to what the author was getting across and in each POV, you never know what to expect! I love O'Porter's writing because it isn't something like The Fault In Our Stars or If I Stay but it is like you are really experiancing what the two main characters are really feeling and going through! After reading the first novel, I fell in love with the realism genre because it is so unique and different to other books that are out in the world! 

The plot is very different from the first book, not just because it is set a year and a half later but because of what happens in the book! Goose really makes you think about your friendships and what they really mean to you! (Dawn actually explained this at her book event in April this year! That was a brilliant event!) This story is heartachingly stunning and I really hated it when O'Porter gave me a heart attact every ten minutes or so! However, this book wasn't so addictive as the last one and it took me about three days to read. Goose contains a massive current of emotions that drags you under. I cried and I laughed and this book just left me speechless by the last end of the book!
Renée has come back even better than before and she has totally made me change my opinion about her character! The same for Flo! Flo was my favourite character in the last book but after reading Goose, she has become my second. 

Some of the scenes in this book are written so well, it felt like I was watching TV instead of reading a book. Especially in one part were two cars are invloved! That, I think, was one of the most amusing scenes I have read in my life but also the most upsetting. But I think the saddest part was with
Renée's sister. Just writing this review makes my heart fly up to my mouth! Goose contains so many witty scenes. One of which now makes me scared of the future! However, even though there were a few bit's I wern't sure on this book was such a delight to read! (To be honest, Dawn, you have actually scared me. I can't wait for the next book!) 

O'Porter's book may be small, but size does not matter in the YA world! You could have a seven hundred page book and the story could be terrible and you can have a two hundred page book and it can be brilliant! Well, that is what it is like with Goose! I totally recommend this book and I think you should check out Dawn's show This Old Thing on 4OD! (THAT WAS THE BEST SHOW EVER!) DFTBA!

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