BOOK REVIEW: Playing With Fire by Derek Landy (Skulduggery Pleasant #2)


The second book in Derek Landy's epic series about a smartly-dressed, fire-throwing, Bentley-driving crack-a-jack sorcerer skeleton detective.

Sound familiar?

Skulduggery Pleasant, of course.
Skulduggery Pleasant is about to face the end of the world. But will he let that happen? Over his dead body! This book is such an improvement from the first, which I slightly disliked because I found it too rushed. However, Landy has shockingly gone and fixed his faults from his first book and I must say, it is ravishing! I still love the idea of the main character, Skulduggery Pleasant, because there is not a single book about a detective who is a skeleton! If you want a book that will keep you on the edge and you will jump out of you skin though laughter, Playing With Fire is the book for you! This book has more detail and is at a steady pace!

Landy has really focused on this plot for this book and I find that really awesome because in the last  book, everything didn't really make sense and some bits were to rushed to keep up with. But in Playing With Fire, everything isn't rushed and most of it does make sense. You get to really understand what happens in this book and I found it a bit sad when the author only linked this book to his last only two or three times! If you have started on this book and you read it, you would want to know what happened in the previous book so you could try to understand what had gone on. Nevertheless, this book is so close to bursting with some brilliant comedy scenes and some kick ass action scenes that will make you say some "ohs" and "ars" The characters haven't really improved since Skulduggery Pleasant but only the main two characters. And in my opinion, most of them didn't really make that much sense in the way they were talking. I think that the most improved character was Valkyrie Cain because she came back with a brilliant personality and such a spectacular smart mouth which made me laugh-Occasionally.

The plot in this novel was more steady, which I am thankful for because I could follow the plot more easier than the last book. There were a few bits I wern't too sure on still but other than that, I really enjoyed this book! There was more of one of my favourite character, Tanith Lowe, which I am so happy about because I found out more about her history and some other cool stuff. In my head, Tanith is like Lady Sith from Thor and this is really amazing because the author really wants to give you have a clear image of all of the characters and the settings of the book. The main bit of the book didn't really pick up right until the end, which saddened me because I wanted a hell of a lot of fighting. Landy mostly focused on the description in his book, so thank you. But in the next book, I really hope for the main bit of the book to happen towards the middle of the book!

Playing With Fire was such a good book to read. It was exciting, addictive and so much more! This book was glued to me for about a week (I fell very ill when I was reading this.) Landy's book is an interesting read and I urge you to read it and talk about it to your friends and family! DFTBA!

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