GRAPHIC NOVEL REVIEW: The Death And Return Of Donna Troy by DC Comics (Teen Titans


The Teen Titans are about to face their biggest battle yet. But will they survive? Find out in The Life And Death of Donna Troy...
This is my favourite comic of all time! There is so much action in it, death and of course: SUPERBOY! (Well, only a little bit.) The illustrations in this graphic novel is shockingly done, the pictures look realistic and superb!

Teen Titans is an addictive comic series because it has something that everyone likes. Especially this novel! DC has done such a brilliant job on publishing this novel or some other comic will be on the top of my favourite comic list!

The emotion that pours though this graphic a shocking great, but there was one or two bits that really affected me! The Death and Return of Donna Troy does include some amazing scenes that really does show you what it is like to be a superhero and what the consequences are of being one!

This graphic novel is really brilliant and if you are new to comics, I recommend that this is the first one you read and if you have never tried the Teen Titans I highly recommend this series! SUPERBOY IS MINE SO HANDS OF PEOPLE! AND SO IS BUCKY! (Sorry Liz) DFTBA! :D

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