101 Things I Love


This is a post that Amber (click here to view her blog) and she wanted to turn this into a tag. Many of the bloggers agreed to to this and Charli (click her to view her blog) and Rita (click here to view her blog) and Holly (click here to view blog) and Cat (click here to view her blog) were tagged along with me! So here is just a really long list of the things I love. BEWARE: SOME OF THE THINGS ON THIS LIST ARE VERY RANDOM!! Tell me what you think-Amber really wants to turn this into a popular tag! (Follow Amber on Twitter @MileLongBookS) I tag Zoe (vist blog here) and Fionnuala (vistit blog here)

  1. Chocolate
  2. Books (that's obvious)
  3. School...
  4. Gotham
  5. MARVEL Agents of S. H. I. E. L. D.
  6. Anime
  7. Manga (Different to Anime, Anime is a animated show and Manga are the books.) 
  8. Pizza
  9. Cake
  10. Journalism
  11. Drawing 
  12. Photography 
  13. Drawing on my arms and hands. 
  14. Lists
  15. Writing in my journal
  16. Crosswords (I never finish them but sh it is a secret.) 
  17. Twitter
  18. Tumblr
  19. Instagram
  20. The sofa
  21. My bed
  22. Sleep
  23. Coffee
  24. Tea
  25. Writing music
  26. Playing music
  27. Listening to classical music (Yes, I am old fashioned but *shrug* whatever.)
  28. Watching Doctor Who
  29. Baking
  30. The Great Brittish Bake Off
  31. Cosplaying
  32. Cosplayers 
  33. Hats 
  34. Scarves 
  35. Trying to get to Hogwarts 
  36. Reading comics
  37. Loki
  38. Captain America
  39. Bucky 
  40. Fandom merch
  41. Vlogbrothers 
  42. Hanging out with my friends at school (granted, most of them are in the year above them but-they are all comic geeks and gamers.)
  43. Seeing a book I want to buy, realise I have no money or space and then puppy eye at my mum...
  44. When authors know who I am. (*Cough* HI JAMES DAWSON! *Cough*)
  45. Yoga
  46. Fangirling
  47. Going to conventions
  48. Making funny chat names on WhatsApp with my friends
  49. Going to the cinema
  50. London
  51. Steampunk 
  52. Science Fiction
  53. Working on my novel
  54. Reading fanfiction
  55. Daydreaming
  56. Thinking of epic scenes that I could add in my book 
  57. Getting new fictional boyfriends...
  58.  Correcting peoples' slang at school (Yes, I do do this-aloud.)
  59. Correcting my best friend's grammar in her Drama book 
  60. Getting homework. (I totally don't ask for some...)
  61. Speaking in Spanish
  62. Dreaming of having my own book pannel 
  63. Dreaming of going to Poland, where my grandmother grew up
  64. Laughing
  65. Playing on the Xbox
  66. Going for a long walks
  67. Beating my Goodreads target. 
  70. Correcting my teacher's grammar
  71. Sushi 
  72. Even more sushi
  73. Donuts 
  74. Unicorns
  75. Converses 
  76. The rain (yes, I am that weird)
  77. Rainbows 
  78. Coca-Cola
  79. Thinking about my future
  80. Boots (NOT THE SHOP)
  81. Vampires
  82. Meeting authors again (*Cough* HI JAMES DAWSON, HOLLY SMALE, NON PRATT and RACHEL CAINE *cough*) 
  83. Sleeping (did I say that already, I meant more sleeping)
  84. My cats 
  85. Dogs
  87. Harry Potter
  88. Playing with my hair
  89. Pretty pencil cases
  90. Adventure Time
  91. World Book Day
  92. Dancing, really badly 
  93. Trying to figure out how the characters in F. R. I. E. N. D. S. survive in living in the middle of New York
  94. Quoting my favourite books. Okay?
  95. Minis (cars) 
  96. Bugs (cars) 
  97. Ed Sheeran 
  98. The Wanted
  99. Annoying one of my friends to the point that sometimes we hate each other.
  100. Hating wearing dresses
  101. Running away from rollercoasters

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