BOOK REVIEW: Breakdown by Sarah Mussi


*Thank you to Hot Key Books for sending me this novel, in no way has this affected my opinion in this review!*
Goodreads Synopsis:
It is 2084. Nuclear radiation has poisoned the country. Society has fallen apart. Starvation is rampant, and power shortages have resulted in piles of obsolete gadgetry. Necessity has driven those who've survived to complete self-reliance, if they have the means to do so. For Melissa and her Nan, survival is just about possible, so long as they can guard the tiny crop of potatoes in their back garden and find enough fuel to cook on - and as long as they are safely barricaded inside their home by curfew. For after dark, feral dogs hunt, and violent gangs from the old Olympic Stadium (now a miserable ghetto) roam to loot and plunder. If they catch you, they are not merciful; so when Melissa falls into the hands of Careem's gang, her prospects look bleak. But Careem soon realises that she might just be more valuable alive, as a ransom victim. However, he hasn't reckoned with Melissa's resourcefulness. Soon part of his young gang are completely beguiled by Melissa and her story of a hidden valley in Scotland - a place that sounds like a comparative paradise, if they can get there. But apparently only Melissa knows the way, and only she can lead them there. But Melissa is hiding a secret. She has never been to Scotland in her life, let alone a mythically Elysian valley there. Can Melissa's stories keep her alive long enough to escape - or will they get her killed?

So this is my first Mussi novel and I am so impressed by her latest novel! I had really high expectations from this book and the author because I knew that Mussi was a very good author! Page one didn't really draw me in but after a few chapters or so, I fell in love with this novel! I have really mixed opinions about Science Fic novels because I have read some really good and really bad ones. But Breakdown does not fit in the latter. It fits in the first and I am really glad that I asked for it when the monthly newsletter came round! 

This novel is set right into the future and I have found a SciFi novel that is finally set in the UK! (Yes it has been a mission!) Breakdown's plot works really well with the story and there is so many historical references not even one hundred pages in! I found that this novel was very enticing as the plot line had so many twists and turns, my heart dropped all the time. There were so many things that were hard to predict in this novel and if I can remember I am sure I got one or two things correct! 

Mussi has written her characters really clearly and you can actually understand from where they are coming from if they have an argument. I could also guess the backstories of some of the main characters (*Cough* Tarquin) and I thought that was really clever of the author to do that because that made me love the book so much! However, I didn't think that all of the characters linked well with each other and the book itself but if there is a sequel (Please Sarah and Hot Key!?) I really hope that is something that can be improved on! 

The description in Breakdown was very well written and I always had a mental image in my head throughout the novel. I thought that was one of my favourite things in the book because I felt like watching TV and I always love that feautre of a novel! I thought that Breakdown was one of the best books I had read in October and I will be re-reading it during the Christmas hollidays (before I get all my new books!) 

Breakdown is a must read novel and I cannot stop quoting and recommending it to my friends! I think that this book is a perfect present to anyone who likes reading. I believe that this novel could be a book that can make people fall in love with books and I think that this is a portable version of the TARDIS! (Aw c'mon, Doctor Who finsished-You obviously didn't think I would add something from the show?) Happy reading! 

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