BOOK REVIEW: The Strange And Beautiful Sorrows Of Ava Lavender by Leslye Walton


Magical realism, lyrical prose, and the pain and passion of human love haunt this hypnotic generational saga.

Foolish love appears to be the Roux family birthright, an ominous forecast for its most recent progeny, Ava Lavender. Ava—in all other ways a normal girl—is born with the wings of a bird.

In a quest to understand her peculiar disposition and a growing desire to fit in with her peers, sixteen-year old Ava ventures into the wider world, ill-prepared for what she might discover and naïve to the twisted motives of others. Others like the pious Nathaniel Sorrows, who mistakes Ava for an angel and whose obsession with her grows until the night of the Summer Solstice celebration.

That night, the skies open up, rain and feathers fill the air, and Ava’s quest and her family’s saga build to a devastating crescendo.

First-time author Leslye Walton has constructed a layered and unforgettable mythology of what it means to be born with hearts that are tragically, exquisitely human
The Strange And Beautiful Sorrows Of Ava Lavender is one of the most memerable debuts that has come to the literature world! Walton's first novel has really made an impression on what it is like to understand someone's past and also what is like to live with, how do you say it as, a disability. This novel is cleverly written and the whole novel is crystal clear! 

The cover of this novel is beautiful and even though there isn't much on the actual design, it does show what the book is about. In my opinion, I think that this is the best cover I have seen this year and I just love it so much! I thought that the blurb of the novel could've been a little better-it didn't feel as drawn to the novel as I did when I was reading it. 

I thought that the plot in the novel was a little bit of genius because at first, I thought that it was set in the modern era but as soon as I had read the first page, I saw that it was completely different. (I would go on but I would be spoiling the whole book then!) I didn't really enjoy how the POVs worked-the was so many changes in the novel I did get slightly confused. 

The characters in The Strange And Beauriful were really amazing. I found that Ava was the most clearest of them all but I also thought that a few of the male leads were quite wonderful as well. The description of Ava was a little off towards the end of the novel but other than that, the whole book was so interesting to read.

I loved Walton's first novel and I would be so pleased to see this novel turned into a film! When I had finished this novel, I did cry a little bit because the ending was one of the most beautiful ones I have ever seen and this novel just left me speechless! I would recommend this book to everyone in the world-It is that good! :D Happy reading! 

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