BookShelf Love: November Edition.


Hello avid readers! This month's BookShelf Love is a massive one because I have so many books to offer you guys. Some of these I did get for free and some I did get from publishers and some I brought. So I hope that you guys pick up some of these books (Once they are out, for some) and read them!

 So here are all the amazing books I had gotten for free at the YALW (Young Adult Literature Weekender) event at Southbank and I was able to grab a signed copy of Double Cross from Malorie Blackman! The books are due to come in this post! (Look down!)

So I got Circus of the Unseen from Hot Key Books and I am very excited to read this novel because it seems interesting and plus, there doesn't seem to be any scary clowns inserted in the blurb...The Mime Order is a proof copy that Bloomsbury books had sent me and I did read this earlier this month and it was amazing! I recently met Shannon and she was such an animated person to meet! I would love to meet her again! :D

 Dead Jealous was also another book I got from the publisher and I have been wanting this book for ages and when I saw it at my letterbox, I squealed my little heart out! Malala was a book that I got at the LFCC Winter con at the pop up YALC as a giverway prize. I have been wanting to read this novel because of many reason and it does seen really interesting! My reviews will come soon!

 I have read If I Stay but my mum (Thanks mum) won a competition for me that included the book, Mia's charm bracelet, a chalkboard and some notebooks and a bag. I was so, so happy and I am currently usuing my chalkboard as a countdown to Christmas! Where She Went was a book that I got last Saturday and I am loving it so far! It is truly breaking my heart reading this novel!!!!
 These two books I had also got from Hot Key and I am quite nervous to read these books because I wouldn't really go for them. However, I will be reading them in the holidays and my reviews will be up in January-that is when I have space on my blog timetable- and I really hope the authors do, do signings soon!
 I know I have read this book but I got it signed by James and my autograph was the best! (THANK YOU JAMES FOR MAKING MY WEEKEND!)
 The Hunger Games? Of course I would pick that book up! I haven't read it yet but I am really elated to because of Everlark and because MOCKINGJAY CAME OUT TODAY!!! *Cough* I am very nervous to start the Blackman book because I didn't really enjoy one of her others so this book seems like this will be the one that I will adore!
 I adore this series so, so much! I even told Zoe this when I met her at YALC and I seriously cannot wait for The Name of The Blade for when it comes out! I cannot recommend this series enough and I am so happy that these books got published!!!
 The Stange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender will destroy you in as many ways as possible.
This Song Will Save Your Life is my next read and I got these two babies from YALW! Book swaps are awesome!!
Finally, Whisper of the Dead was another book I got from Bloomsbury and so was Pathfinder. I enjoyed the first book in Harvey's novel and that will be reviewed during the holidays!
I am excited to start these two novels soon!!!


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