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It is November! And many people think that it is the lead up to Christmas, well it is, but this month hosts the realise of MOCKINGJAY PART ONE! *Throws a mini party for all of the victors* And I am a massive fan of the book series and I have read them over eight or nine times. (Not a single word of a lie. Probably the reason why I have so many books to read...) Anyway, I thought that this post can be part trailer reaction and clip reaction. If you havn't seen either both I will leave the links for everything to do with the new film at the bottom of this post. :D

So anyway, the trailer was 69 days overdue and I remember it coming it. It was after school and all my feels were all over the place because it was nearly time for the trailer and everything! Five in the evening rolled around and BOOM my Twitter feed goes nuts because the trailer has come out. Everyone was fangirling and I saw the link for YouTube come up so I clicked on it and I watched the trailer. Excuse me while I fangirl, again. It was everything I was expecting! I even remember crying my eyes out because it was so like the book! *Sobs* You could clearly see the emotion on all of the characters' faces and I was so shocked. But the best thing was that they showed Peeta and that was when my heart really broke into pieces. The director even included my favourite line/quote that was included in the novel and I am thankful for that otherwise he would've had so many fangirls and fanboys go after him. (If you don't know what that line is...please read the books!) And now I see the trailer everytime I watch TV and I just scream so much! I think that the wait was the best thing ever!!! I have such a feeling that I am going to sob my heart out when I see the film! What are your thoughts on the trailer?

Now the clip....three words. PEETA IS ALIVE!!! This may be a small clip but it really does give an insight to the actual film and what is due to come. So do the mini trailers. Everything to do with the new film has seriously broken my heart and I just want the movie now instead of later! When looking through the comments on the teasers, people say that Peeta is a betrayer to Katniss and that she shouldn't love him. Hold the goddamn phone. These people haven't even read the books so I don't see why they are saying that. And then you have the Tributes comment and correct them and then we get bullied by being called horrible things. We wouldn't need to correct if those people had read the book. But the teasers didn't really show much but I did feel like I was a person in the Capital! The newest clip really made my heart lurch in pain and I felt like Katniss herself! The whole movie looks outstanding!

Now the soundtrack sounds AMAZING! I have in on in the background and I want to tear up right now! My favourite has to be the Lorde song as it sounds beautiful. So do the other songs. I'm not sure if the whole soundtrack is out yet but I will be getting most of these songs on my phone! I will leave the link for the Lorde song below! But what do you guys think on everything Mockingjay?

Please get involed on Twitter by usuing the hashtag the mockingjay lives! I cannot wait for this film-I am so excited and I hate dislike everyone who is going to the midnight showing! (Take me with you!) Leave your comments below. Lets start a discussion on this! May the odds be ever in your favour! :D

PS: I am the Mockingjay.

Here are the links:
Lorde, Yellow Flicker Heart:
Official Trailer:
Teaser #1:
Teaser #3:
Peeta clip:

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