Bookish Hopes of 2015!


 This year, I have achived so much in the bookish world! I have met my authoring heroine (Holly Smale) I have read two hundred books and I have met some amazing people and I have finally met some of my blogging friends! So next year, I have some resolutions (if you will) for 2015 for books and possibly blogging! 

1) Reading two hundred or more books,
 So every year, since I have enjoyed reading, I have been setting the target to read two hundred books. However, next year I would love if I managed to get more than my usual target. But that might be slightly hard for me as I have corsework I have to keep up with and whatnot! But I shall try and I will see at the end of next year! 

2) Going to a lot more author events, 
  This year, I went to a few events- my first this year was at Dawn O'Porter back in April and my final was at the pop up YALC in the Winter LFCC. I really enjoyed going to these events and I met some fantasic authors! So next year, I really want to go to more! 

3) Hosting some book tours, 
 Okay, so I was supposed to host The Mime Order's blog tour this month but I believe it has been cancelled because Bloosbury hasn't mentioned anything about the book nor the tour. Nither has the author! This has dissapointed me because I was looking forward to doing this! 

4) Having interviews done and also guest posting on other blogs,
 I did do some interviews this year with blogger Fionnuala and also author Liz De Jager. But due to bloddy Google Mail not working I was unable to get the answers sent to me! D: Nevertheless, I will try to get more interviews done- espcially towards my second Blogoversary which will be in June! (I know I had said April before but I read the date wrong on my dashboard!) I also want to guest star on more blogs, this year I guest posted on Rita's (Weaving Pages) talking about The Fault In Our Stars (read it by clicking here) But I think that guest starring is a really good idea as you get to talk with other bloggers and also, you get a five seconds of fame feeling! :D 

5) Doing slightly better reviews, 
 Okay, so you guys might've noticed that my reviews have been really badly written recently and I am really sorry about that! As I don't own a laptop for the moment, I cannot spend a huge amount of time working on one review. So usually, I get about an hour or so to write as many reviews as I can before my mum kicks me off and so I have to rush them. But I am saving for my own PC now and I shall hopefully get one sometime next year. As in the meantime, I promise I shall work much harder on the reviews that I produce! 

6) Reading more comics, 
 If you already know me, I adore reading comics and graphic novels. Espcially when so many are being made into films and TV shows. And I have a rule that I need to read the actual story before seeing it on screen, so far this has only happened with books and I would love it even more if I can read the comics/ graphic novels as well! 

7) Doing better posts- apart from reviews, 
 As you all know, every month I do a BookShelf Love post and also some other few things. Well in 2015 I have decided that I am going to try and start doing Top Ten Tuesday and a few more posts because I don't want my blog to be over-run by reviews. But TTT will only be once a month, because I cannot always think of the top ten things every week, unlike Hot Key Book's blog! :D (Read their blog...It's fantasic [click here]) 

8) Hosting giverways...If my mum lets me,
 So sometimes I get sent another copy of a book that I have requested and I always want to do giverways but my mum always says no because of postage costs as usually I have no money. But next year I would love to host some giverways so you guys get some free books to read! :D 

9) Finally...Getting published, 
 If you follow me on Twitter, you would know that I has asked Hot Key Books to see how old you would have to be to get published by them. And as they told me, you can get published at any age, I thought "Gosh, I should start writing a book!" I have done various amounts of short stories and other written work but I have never actually written a book before. So in 2015, I would love it that after I have written my draft for the book I'm writing, that I would get published! 

What are your bookish hopes of 2015? Let me know! I love to hear your opinions and ideas! I hope you guys have had a fantasic 2014, bookish wise, and I cannot wait to see what you achieve next year. Tomorrow, I will be hosting my End of Year Survey and also a Blogger Awards post! DFTBA! 

Gee xxx

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