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When Katniss destroys the games, she goes to District 13 after District 12 is destroyed. She meets President Coin who convinces her to be the symbol of rebellion, while trying to save Peeta from the Capitol.
Age rating: PG 13 

At first, I was quite wary of the film being split into two because most of the action that happens in Mockingjay happens in the second half of the novel, so I was really unsure on how they were going to make the first film decent enough to watch. However, after coming out of the cinema, I did think that the director did leave out a few things that I believe were really important in the book. Therefore, I wasn’t as excited as I was when I had entered the cinema. Overall, I did really enjoy Mockingjay but I don’t think it was like everything in the book. (As you all might know, I am quite hard on book to film adaptations because I want them to be as close as they can be to the actual book and you can also see that I haven’t reviewed The Maze Runner film. That movie was an utter waste of my time and I can never get those minutes back!) Mockingjay Part One began with Katniss looking as if she has seen a loved one die. This really had shocked me because when I had read the book, I couldn’t quite imagine Katniss’s face! But this movie had really helped with that, and that bit was within the first thirty seconds! 

Mockingjay Part One shows the life of Katniss after the Quarter Quell and I’m sure (if you have read the books or even seen the films) that you want to know what District 13 really looks like. In my mind, it looked completely different to what it did in the film. In my mind, the “lost” District was covered in solid grey walls and that everything was blue with large LED lights. But this film makes it look like a prison, and that really does suit was Collins was trying to get across in the book. All the characters have somehow put up their game in this film because their acting is ten times better than in the first and second film. However, there is one large noticeable difference…There is no Peeta! There are scenes with him included in, but every time you see him- it is heart-breaking. I did cry a few times at this film, but only because of the way the actors/actresses played out the scene. For instance (this is for people who have read the book) everyone knows that the song “The Hanging Tree” plays a massive part in the film because it a) shows Peeta that Katniss is alive and b) it shows the last crucial scene in Catching Fire when Peeta and Katniss are split apart and they were supposed to meet up at midnight. (Listen to the song carefully) 

I found that the way the old characters were introduced into the film was too long, it took nearly forty five minutes for Effie to come in and then another hour or so before Haymich came back to the world of Panem. This made me slightly upset because this never happened within the amazing works of Collins, so why did they do it within the film? Comedy was added into the film, and that was really uplifting from all the heartbreak and Jennifer Lawrence did a brilliant job of making the audience laugh! On the other hand, I thought that Natalie Dormer played a brilliant Cressida and that character was portrayed the same as it were in my mind. Every time President Snow came up on screen, I did mutter “damn you Snow” every so often. This is because of what he was doing to one of my fictional characters. Mockingjay does really make your heart beat in this film; there are many parts that make your mouth drop to the floor.  I thought that the way Liam Hemsworth acted Gale out wasn’t up to scale because Gale was this nice, quiet guy and now he is all macho man! Seriously? Gale was never like this in the novel! 

I would go see Mockingjay again but I wouldn’t say that this wasn’t my favourite book to film adaptation ever. However, I do recommend this film because I believe the director has done a brilliant job of holding this film together, even if there was no action to it! I cannot wait for next year’s film because it will sum up the film series that had started off in 2012, when I first understood the meaning of being able to travel to different worlds by very few words! Have you seen the film? If so, tell me what you thought on it! Also: read this amazing review of Mockingjay by Fionnuala at Books For Birds. (Mockingjay Review) DFTBA!

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