Review || Ghost Hawk by Susan Cooper


On the winter day Little Hawk is sent into the woods alone, he can take only a bow and arrows, his handcrafted tomahawk, and the amazing metal knife his father traded for with the new white settlers. If Little Hawk survives three moons by himself, he will be a man.

John Wakely is only ten when his father dies, but he has already experienced the warmth and friendship of the nearby tribes. Yet his fellow colonists aren’t as accepting of the native people. When he is apprenticed to a barrel-maker, John sees how quickly the relationships between settlers and natives are deteriorating. His friendship with Little Hawk will put both boys in grave danger.


I was told that Ghost Hawk is a gripping novel that would soon become my favourite. That person lied to me! Cooper's novel wasn't gripping, nor did it become my favourite after I had finished. The whole book was a mess to read! 

I was kind of forced to read this book by my school and my friends, who had read this before me, had told me that this was the best book in the world blah, blah, blah. But when I had started this book, I found that it had rushed straight into the plot and I became bored so quickly. The blurb of Ghost Hawk sounded really interesting but when I was ten pages into the story, I wanted to DNF the book straight away. But I had to read it for this award thing I had to go to at another school so I really had no choice, if I did- I would burn the book all the way to hell! If I were you, I would stay far away from Cooper's novel. 

There is nothing to this plot, everything is a mess! I was not pulled into this book and I felt no emotion whatsoever! And the worse thing was that Cooper tried to change the POV but then failed so she tried to make it back up but that never happened very well! Nothing is explained fully well in this novel, so everything is so confusing to understand. Everything is so rushed, I'm kinda guessing that Cooper hasn't fully worked on this book that well. 

The characters were stupid. They were written so badly, I really wanted to shoot all of them in the head. None of them couldn't speak properly so their sentences didn't make any sense- this is like reading Halo all over again! I was sooooo glad when I reached the final page. It meant that I was free from this terrible piece of literature! There isn't really much to say on this book! 

I do not recommend this novel at all. Point taken! 


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