Insurgent comes out on March 20th in the UK and I am imensly excited for this film not only because it comes out 22 days before my birthday but because I am a HUGE fan of Veronica Roth and Divergent had really set me off to see the second film for when it is due to come out! The trailer shows so much that is due to come in this lead up to Allegiant part One and Two. (*Sigh* Thank you Harry Potter, thank you very much!) I was counting down the minutes for this film's trailer because a) I would get to see Four again and b) I could see what they were trying to do with this film. I.E. were they going to make this film excatly like the book or were they going to put a mysterious twist to it? From what I saw, it looks completely different to what Roth has created but nonetheless, it looks freaking brilliant! I can tell that I am going to enjoy this film more than any of the others next year*.

 I actually watched this trailer when I was on the bus home from London and after I had finished it, my mouth just dropped open. There was so much action included and I believe that this trailer beats Mockingjay's by far. I saw some parts that were true to the book but I will be doing a re-read in the holidays so I can remember everything that has happened! But Tris's hair looks so much like Hazel's from The Fault In Our Stars! Tris hhas longish hair so that really dissapointed me but I think that her character might be a little better than what was shown in Divergent, the first film. 

 Four looks brilliant and I'm only really saying that because I might have a little crush on him... Uh.... Theo James, the actor for four, seems that he doesn't have much of a big part in this film because he doens't say anything at all. C'mon! Four is one of the main characters and he doesn't say anything in the trailer! Brilliant! 

 I can't really say much more because there isn't much there to see, but I cannot wait for the movie to come out!! Tell me your thoughts! 

Georgia xx

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