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 Hello mortals of the bookish world! Today I have the honour of hosting the offical tour for The Mime Order and I am so excited for this as this is my first ever blog tour! So a blog tour, if you didn't know already, is when a few bloggers or so talk about a certain book that is due to come out very soon. They get sent the book from the publisher and they have to do a post talking about this book or doing something that represents it. As I have a weird obsession with writing fan fiction all of a sudden, I have decided that I would write a piece of fan fic that is based on the events that was set at the end of the last book leading on to the beginning of The Mime Order. (I don't think this counts a spoiler when it is just set on a train. But sorry if you haven't read The Bone Season.) Enjoy! 
*Before you read my fan fic, please take around 50 seconds to watch the trailer for the book! It is amazing!*
"Paige," Nick says,as he runs a hand through his hair. I look up, my blond curls cover my eyes and I can just about see him. "You haven't talked since we have gotten on the train, are you okay?" Worry enters his voice. Honestly, I'm not okay. I left the one person that I actually liked back there alone and I don't know what has happened to him. I tuck my curly hair behind my ears and I give Nick a smile. "I'm fine...I'm just not in the mood to talk. Everything is good, Nick." A lie. Why must I tell my best friend lies upon lies? Why cannot I confide in Nick? We are good friends after all. The train jolts and it makes my stomach turn upside down. I think about Warden. How I left him there. How could I have done that? He was the only mentor that was nice to me. Tears sting in my eyes but I can't let any show. Not now at least. The seat opposite me was empty and the golden sign of Sicon's symbol shone proudly in the bright flourecent light and I throw up a little in my brain. I've seen too much of that blasted symbol recently. A little ahead of me Jaxon Hall, my Mimelord, sits with his arms crossed. He seems really p*ssed off. "Nick, what's up with Jax? He doesn't seem happy. Is it me?" I ask. Nick gazes at me and he then lowers his head. 
"No, Paige. He hasn't been happy for a while. He's getting older and he was really worried about you." Nick explains.

Jaxon worried about me? That never happens. I sigh through my nose and then look over to my Mimelord again. His face hasn't changed and I give a little laugh. My eyes drift down to look at the blood red carpet of the train. I watch as my legs bob up and down as the train chugs along the track. The train is fairly busy. With a few of the people who have escaped and a good few people that I have known for a long while now. No one is really talking. Not after the trauma they have been put through with. Even the classical music that floats around carrage is muted by the defining silence. I lean against the window, shutting my eyes. As I do, nightmares start to show. I refuse to open my eyes as I don't want to forget what happens. My never ending expriance carries on until I see a bright, white light and Warden appearing in front of me. He holds out a hand and I gladly take it. He leads me away and my heart flutters. Why did I push him away? Suddenly, I feel my body being shaken and I open my eyes to see Nick's face in front of mine. I sit up and throw a dirty look at him. "Paige, we're getting off the train." I stand up as the train begins to slow down.
"Where are we?" 
"Tower Bridge." Nick replies. 
And so my adventure starts. 

This totally a work of fiction that I and I alone have created. I am really sorry if you found that this scene was a little spoiler on the setting but if I went through with my first idea of my fan fic piece, you would seriously hate me even more! The Mime Order is out on 27th of this month so I recommend y'all to pre-order it! Also, take a look at the schedule below to see the other bloggers' posts for the tour! They are wonderful to read! Follow the author on Twitter: @say_shannon. :D DFTBA! Thank you to Bloomsbury for letting me take part in their blog tour and I hope to participate in more in the future! (I already a have done a bookish hope! YAY for me!) Use the #HaveYouSeenPaige tag when talking about this book. Sicon is on the hunt for her! 

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