DISCUSSION POST: Poems, Why Should We Study Them.


I recently went to a book event with author Sarah Crossan, The Weight of Water/ Apple and Rain, and while she was talking about her books and why she wrote them in a certain way- she also spoke a lot about poetry. Now, I have always loved poetry and it is one of the things that I have been doing for a while. (I have pieces of paper with some poems that I've written) However, Sarah was talking about how important it is- and why it is so important in our lives. And this got me thinking, we always study poetry in our English classes but many people don't quite understand why we analyse them and read them. Now, you may be thinking "oh but it is all just rhyming words.", actually no- poetry is more than a few words rhyming. Poetry expresses things that humans nor books can say, you have Shakespeare's limmericks (Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day) and so much more.

When I was at the book event, Sarah went on to say that the reason why young adults, espcially, find poems boring is because they are just read out. So indead of acting it out, which Sarah did with the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet, poems are just read out in a dull way. In my opinion, reading a poem out dully makes everything seem horrible about the whole subject- mostly when you are talking about really old poems, like The Highwayman. A poem is like a play, it is meant to be performed; just like how a film is supposed to be watched.

I think that poems should be studied because we may listen to one, but we might not always understand what the poet is about. So at the moment, I'm studying War poetry and I have to explain why the poet used certain words to represent things. If you look really deep into a poem, you can come up with so many ideas that can make the poem really special.

What I'm putting across is that, if we don't study poetry- then all of the voices that were once heard would be forgotten. So if you ever study poetry, you may look stupid by doing it, but just act it out. It makes the whole learning experiance so much better!

Do you think we should study poetry? If not, tell me why!

So in January, my English teacher set a homework to write a poem either on honesty, anger, celebrating what you enjoy, love and hope, diligence or being 'divergent'. This was all to do with a competition called Poetopia- which is an annual competition for young adults. The title is pretty self explanatory. Anyway, I completly forgot about it until a letter came for me on Saturday saying that I was one of the finalists. I was so, so happy- considering I mostly think that my poetry sucks! But as a gift to you all, I have decided to share my poem! As a prize, to me...My poem gets published in a book and it will be placed in The Brittish Library and most UK libraries! So yay me! 

Being Different:

I remember someone telling me that is is okay to be different,
That I didn't need to fit in.
But that all fell apart when they found out about me.

I live in a world where differences can get you killed,
A world of controlling, a world of hopelessness.
If you're different you can't escape,
They'll kill you, taunt you, make you hate yourself.

Our world never used to be like this,
I lived in a world of freedom.
But then they came and everything disappeared.
They rounded us up, like sheep, and made us slaves.

I wish diversity could be celebrated,
Where we could be ourselves.
Where we don't know how to hate,
But know how to love.

As long as bullies exist,
that wish will never come true.

What did you think? Let me know please! :D Happy reading! 

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