February Monthly Recap


Happy March people! I know this is a day late or so, but I have been working on a small project of mine- I might do a post on it- and I have been ill...Again. However, it is the start of March so I guess that it is till OK? This month will include the books I've read, as usual, and a few of my favourite posts from other bloggers...Enjoy!

Books Read this Last Month:
- Geek Girl by Holly Smale
- Model Misfit by Holly Smale
- Picture Perfect by Holly Smale
- All that Glitters by Holly Smale
- Darkness Hidden by Zoe Mariott
- The Weight of the Water by Sarah Crossan
- A Boy Called Hope by Lara Williamson
- A Breath of Frost by Alexandra Harvey

I haven't read as much books because I have been taking my time...But also, I did re-read a few of these novels....I.E. The first three because I met Holly. However, eight books is still quite the achivement so woop, woop for me!

Book Event:
So you all know that I was excited for All that Glitter's realise and I managed to snag a copy a week before it came out into the wild. The talk was amazing and when I was having luncgh- at Southbank- Smale did sit TWO SEATS away from me. I was trying not to fangirl. But ATG was suberb and my review will be up sometime this month!
Me and Holly!
Favourite Blog Posts: 
Queen of Contemporary- Blog Organisation
Weaving Pages- We Were Liars
Books for Birds- Red Queen
Lost in a Library- Despising Dystopia

Big Hero 6
The Night Itself
The Selection

Tweet the Bloggers:

Happy reading everyone! Don't forget to tweet out to me if you see this post: @Books_Bandit.

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