BOOK REVIEW: Darkness Hidden by Zoë Marriott (The Name of the Blade #2)


Darkness Hidden by Zoë Marriott
Published by • Walker Books
Genres • Fantasy, Young Adult, Mythology, Paranormal
Pages • 386
Format • Paperback
Source • Southbank Book Event
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Against all odds, Mio has defeated the evil Nekomata and seen her love, Shinobu, restored to life. But in the wake of the battle, Mio’s unsettling connection to the katana—an ancient sword her family has been compelled to guard for generations—has grown more frightening. And now the Underworld has sent the Shikome—foul women whose feathers carry death—to spread a supernatural plague through London. With her best friend in the hospital, Shinobu’s very existence at risk, and the city in chaos, Mio realizes there is no way she can keep everyone she loves alive. What terrible sacrifice must she make to save the world?

Darkness Hidden beats the likes of Banished and The Hunger Games as Zoë Marriott has written yet another badass novel! Marriott carries on with The Name of the Blade trilogy, and in my honest opinion- this must be the novel that has both made me madly fall in love with every one of the characters as well as being shocked hard to the core due to the plot. Darkness Hidden is the sequel to this series and it is set soon after the events of the first book; The Night Itself. 

The plot and character development were truly outstanding in Marriott's novel. Mio, Jack and Shinobu really proved themselves to be some of my favourite characters in this trilogy and I absolutely adored it to see themselves blossom throughout Darkness Hidden. Due to all of the events that occurred during Marriott's novel, I found it fascinating to watch Mio (especially) and Jack to change over this book. Marriot has really worked hard on Mio and Jack- and also Shinobu- and as a consequence, I feel that the two main girls have shown what it is like to go from being ordinary to extraordinary.

I have no words for the actual story line. Marriott has left me speechless and I remember crying for a few days afterwards. Darkness Hidden is such a wonderful book, I think that it is one of those rare books that doesn't even have a single mistake in it! Marriott continues her book from the different characters' perspectives and I thought that it really boosted the entire story really well as Darkness Hidden gave me a clear understanding of the plot and all of the characters' thoughts/feelings.

God, this was such an intense sequel, it was packed with so much. Action, demons, plot twists...Marriott doesn't give you five minutes from the beginning of the book before all of the action begins again. Mio and the other characters take you on a thrilling adventure. I could clearly see where Darkness Hidden was heading and I had to to take my time reading it because I didn't want it to end! I was gripped throughout the entire novel, and I think that continuing with The Name of the Blade trilogy is one of the best decisions I have made of this year so far!

Zoë Marriott really deserves all the praise she can get! I am a huge fan of her writing and if you read Darkness Hidden or The Night Itself or even Shadows on the Moon, you would understand why! I am usually afraid of sequels because nine times out of ten, they can be quite awful! But I think that Darkness Hidden kicks that statement of mine in the ass because this was one heck of a novel to read! If you haven't even read The Night Itself, then can you go read it?...Please? I cannot wait for the final installment to The Name of the Blade trilogy- and I already know that it will be awesome!

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