BOOK REVIEW: Under My Skin by James Dawson


*Thank you to Hot Key Books for sending me a copy of Under My Skin. In no way does this affect my opinion nor does this change the way I write this review*
Under My Skin by James Dawson
Published by • Hot Key Books
Genres • Young Adult, Thriller, Horror, Fantasy, Fiction, Romance, Paranormal
Format • ARC Paperback
Source • Hot Key Books
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"Who's she?"
"That's Molly-Sue. And she's trouble."
When Sally Feather walks into a tattoo parlour, she is walking into more trouble than she can imagine. Molly-Sue offers Sally everything her heart desires- popularity, beauty, the most gorgeous guy in school- but at a very, very high price. Because there are some things that really do get under your skin. And some that you would do anything- absolutely anything- to be rid of.

Under My Skin was probably one of my favourite reads of March! I was able to read it within one whole sitting and I fell in love with it the moment I started page one! Sally was a brilliant protagonist, and I really enjoyed watching her grow throughout this novel. Under My Skin is a novel that is written by 2014's Queen of Teen, James Dawson.

Under My Skin follows the POV of a teenager called Sally Feather. Sally isn't like one of those teenagers you meet today, she's quiet and she is a goody-two-shoes. I thought that Sally was very well written, and I had such a clear image when it came to meeting her for the first time. Dawson has created a very detailed character, who sadly gets led by Molly-Sue- when Sally gets Molly as her tattoo. In my opinion, I think that Sally was peer pressured by Molly-Sue- only because I did find Molly very persuading. I think that Molly-Sue is my favourite character in Dawson's novel because I have never met a character that is cheeky and yet  really, really devilish as well.

The plot development was set at a brilliant pace. The scenes of which every chapter took place in were very well written. Most of the settings in the book were mysterious and it left me asking questions! Dawson has created some very interesting parts in the book. I really enjoyed seeing Sally and Molly-Sue interact in Under My Skin, as watching those two argue really made me laugh. The horror in Dawson's novel make me jump out of my skin, I even felt the hairs raise on my arms! I believe that this horror book, written by this author, beats Say Her Name because this novel has made me terrified of looking at tattoos; as now, I think that every tattoo is possessed.

I did enjoy meeting every character that Dawson threw at me, I really loved meeting Stan- who I think might be my new bookish boyfriend! Dawson's descriptive language of the characters were fantastic- I had an image for practically every single one of them! Even though some characters were developed more than others, I thought that every single one belonged in Under My Skin and that James Dawson did a brilliant job on bringing these characters to life!

I know that I will be re-reading this book again this year- because I have a feeling that I will experience the same emotions that I did the first time round. James Dawson, I am expecting a squeal to this novel because this one has just left me speechless and in a book hangover as well. I recommend this book so, so much! Once you start reading Dawson's book, there is no going back!

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