REVIEW: The Book of Storms by Ruth Hatfield


Thank you to the wonderful people at Hot Key Books for sending me a review copy of The Books of Storms. In no way has this affected my opinion, nor the content of this review.
The Book of Storms by Ruth Hatfield.
Published by Hot Key Books on November 6th 2014.
Genres Fantasy, Middle Grade, Adventure, Mystery.
Pages 292.
Format ARC.
Source Hot Key Books. 
Buy the Book • Buy the Book • DNF
Eleven-year-old Danny's parents are storm chasers - which sounds fun and exciting, and it is, so long as you aren't the son who has to wait behind at home. And one night, after a particularly fierce storm, Danny's parents don't come back. Stranger still, the old sycamore tree in Danny's yard seems to have been struck by lightning, and when he picks up a fragment of wood from the tree's heart, he finds he can hear voices ... including that of next door's rather uppity cat, Mitzy. The stick is a taro, a shard of lightning that bestows upon its bearer unnerving powers, including the ability to talk with plants and animals - and it is very valuable.

So valuable, in fact, that it attracts the attention of a Sammael, an ancient figure of darkness and a buyer of souls. And he will do anything to get his hands on it ... And so begins a dangerous and daring quest. Danny, who is bewildered, alone and unaccustomed to acts of bravery, must confront his fears, find his parents and unravel the secrets of The Book of Storms.

There comes a time where I read a book and I cannot just get into it. That happened with this book, I could not finish The Book of Storms. This is a shame, of course, because I was so pumped to read this book- but it turned out to be a shambles.

I was able to get at least 150 pages in, when I had to put it down. The entire plot was very disappointing and I expected way more out of it. The protagonist lacked description, and so did most of the characters. I have seen many mixed reviews about The Book of Storms,  and I was hoping that I was going be on the better side. Sadly no, the plot was long and boring- and everything lacked emotion.

I really hate writing reviews that badly criticise a novel because it doesn't feel right. But I have to, as it is a blogger's job. The Book of Storms hardly had anything to the plot, as I have said, and I got frustrated with it sometimes because I jus could not get into the book- like I usually would when I read a book.

The Book of Storm will be a novel that I will not try to re-read, nor will I carry on with the next book- because I feel like it will have the same turnout as the first book has done. I am very sad about this book because there was so much hype for it, but I think that I am just plain weird for not joining in with it...

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