REVIEW: Paper Weights by Meg Haston


Thank you to the wonderful Hot Key Book people for giving me a proof copy of Paper Weight! In no way has this affected my opinion of the book, nor my review. 
Paper Weight by Meg Haston.
Published by Hot Key Books on July 2nd 2015.
Genres Young Adult, Grief, Contemporary, Fiction.
Pages 304.
Format ARC.
Source  Hot Key Books.
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What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Struggling to deal with her brother's death and a past she refuses to confront, Stevie knows she has problems. But she's still furious about the fact that she's been packed off to a health clinic, in the middle of nowhere, where mobile phones are banned and communication with the outside world is strictly by permission only. The regimented and obtrusive nature of the clinic and its staff is torture to the deeply private, obstinate Stevie - and don't even get her started on the other 'inmates'. All she wants is to be left alone...But as Stevie is about to find out, life is full of surprises. And she will prove herself stronger than she knows - even when her past finally catches her up in the most shocking and brutal way possible.

If George Clooney walked into the room that I was reading Paper Weight, I would tell him to go away and come back later because Meg Haston has written such a brilliant novel! Paper Weight was beautiful, and it is now one of my favourite contemporary novels to read because it is the most original story I have ever seen! Heart breaking and gut wrenching, Haston has written a hard to put down book.

Stevie has problems, some of which she is refusing to do anything about. Haston has made Stevie really realistic, and even though I didn't really know how she felt- I did feel for the protagonist a lot. Stevie, I thought, really connected with the characters- she also described each and every scene perfectly, therefore meaning I could clearly follow the plot and that meant I really enjoyed reading it. I adored all of the other girls that were featured in Paper Weight, I loved reading about their problems and why they were at the health clinic...I really wanted to find out all of their secrets.

I delved into the story of Paper Weight. I found it beguiling, amazing and so much more. Haston has crept herself up on my favourite author list- and I cannot stop raving about the story. I have never read a book like Haston's, and the way the novel was set out was pure genius. When I was being told about this book, the people at HBK said that the author had experienced similar things to what Stevie does in the story. Not only is this a contemporary read, but Paper Weight is semi based off a true story. Now, who doesn't want that?

If I could sum up Paper Weight in three words, I would say that it is: superb, different and amazeballs! I recommend this novel so, so, much and when it comes out in July I hope that you read it! Paper Weight is definitely one of my favourite books of 2015!

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