Being a Girl by Hayley Long


Being a Girl by Hayley Long.
Published by Hot Key Books on June 4th 2015.
Genres Non-Fiction, Educational, Comedy, Young Adult.
Pages 224.
Format ARC.
Source Publisher.
Being a girl is not all sugar and spice. How can you possibly survive school and even think about talking to your crush when you have spots in places you didn't even know you had, your boobs are too big (or too small) and the friend drama is off the charts? Luckily, bestselling YA author and sixth-form teacher Hayley Long provides a straight-talking guide to puberty - from cattiness to kisses, and everything in between. With witty black-and-white illustrations by Gemma Correll throughout, BEING A GIRL tells you everything you need to know about surviving puberty, in an honest and humorous way.

I usually do not write reviews as soon as I have finished a novel, but Hayley Long's novel deserves to be praised so, so much! I hardly read non-fiction novels, but when I do- I find them long and boring...But Being a Girl is neither long nor boring. In fact, it was possibly one of the best non-fiction novels I have ever read, that had splashes of comedy, brilliant drawings and fantastic explanations.

From the first page, all the way to the last, it is clear that Hayley has done a lot of research. Being a Girl gives a fantastic way of showing of the changes that a girl will go through in life; to become a woman. I personally, found it amazing as Hayley's writing was clear and I adored the diagrams. Even though this is a non-fiction novel, Being a Girl never failed to make me smile and laugh aloud on public transport.

Everything is one of a kind in Hayley Long's novel, the author made everything about being a girl not so terrifying as it seems! One of my favourite things about this novel was that even though the title is called Being a Girl, Hayley has strongly pointed out that the book is not just for girls! This was brilliant because, I have read books very similar to this before- but they always stress that the novel is 'just for girls' (I'm a very passionate Feminist.)

I have gained so much from Hayley Long's Being a Girl, and I think that everyone should give this novel a read- to gain the knowledge, and to have a subtle giggle at the wonderful use of wit! I recommend that you should pick up a copy of Being a Girl because I can ensure you that this will be one of the bestsellers of the year! I devoured Being a Girl within an entire day, and I loved it so much!
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