Blogoversary Day Three: The 100, with Guest Blogger Rita!


Today, we have the wonderful blogger Rita guest starring on the blog! Rita has made these fantastic photos on the meanings of the different characters' names from The 100- a TV show I recommend- and I think that they are beautiful! Thank you so much to Rita for doing this! Also: go onto Rita's blog as it is AMAZING! I have brought some of the books Rita has recommended and her posts are one to read! :D

Wasn't that GREAT??! I really enjoyed learning about the meanings, especially Bellamy and Lincoln; whom are two of my favourite characters! Thank you so much, Rita, for doing this post! I love it! *sends you cake* This has made me love the show/books even more! :D Check out Rita's blog, Weaving Pages, as it is must better than this hot mess of a blog! I also recommend that you go and watch the TV and read the books, for The 100, and I hope that you enjoyed reading today's post! 

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