A Non-Bookish Post: How to Improve Your Photography on Your Phone!


Photography is a thing that I love. I love it so much, that, it is one of the paths I want to take for my career choices. And recently, I have been asked how I do my photography on my phone- if I'm not using a camera. Therefore, I thought that it would be a brilliant idea if I could give you a few tips and tricks on how to improve your photography on your phone, so you don't end up with a really blurry picture! (I also have a photography blog called Gee Does Photography, and you can see more photos there!)

1) Don't Use the Flash

I've found that using the flash can turn the photo yellow, because of the way that it bounces from one thing to another. Also, the flash could make your subject look ill, or worn out- and it makes the thing you're taking the picture of horrible! I would only recommend the use of the flash, if you really need to use it! 

2) Don't Use Instagram Filters

Instagram filters may seem cool, and awesome, to use; but they are really not! Instagram filters can ruin the photo completely, and it can sometimes show that a bad photo can go from bad, to worse. Furthermore, the filters and tilt shifts are just plain awful- in my opinion! 

3) Move Closer to the Subject

Using the zoom on your camera can sometimes make the photo blurry and it can destroy the photo completely! I hate using the zoom because it can show the pixels of the photo you're taking. If you want to use the zoom, I recommend that you move closer towards the subject and tap your screen to focus the camera. And BOOM! You have a nice 'zoomed' in photo! 

4) Be Free

Take photos of whatever you want! Whatever inspires you! I love taking photos of the clouds and sunsets because they are beautiful! If you are in the mood to take photos, DO IT! 

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