Frail Human Heart by Zoë Marriott. (The Name of the Blade, #3.)


Frail Human Heart by Zoë Marriott.
Published by Walker Books on June, 18th, 2015.
Genres Urban Fantasy, Young Adult, Fiction, Romance, Cultural.
Pages 368.
Format Paperback.
Source Brought. (YALC.)
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Synopsis: (Goodreads)
In the thrilling final installment of her epic, Japanese-inspired urban fantasy trilogy, Mio has succeeded in banishing the Goddess of Death’s plague-spreading monsters – by making the most terrible sacrifice. With Mio’s love Shinobu lost, and hell literally breaking loose in London, the only things standing between the human 
and an apocalypse are Mio and her sword.

Like most fans of Zoë Marriott's The Name of the Blade trilogy, I was over the moon when Frail Human Heart was released to the world, as it's the final installment to the phenomenal, powerful story. When it comes to reading the final book in a trilogy/series, I am usually very excited, however picking up a copy of Frail Human Heart just made me so overjoyed because I could finally find out what happened after the events in Darkness Hidden- which was the second book in this fantastic trilogy! Frail Human Heart is probably one of my favourite books of 2015, and it's definitely one of the best urban fantasies I have read in a while! 

Saying that Zoë Marriott's writing is 'brilliant' is too much of an understatement, because as soon as I had finished the first page I was hooked into this amazing story! Frail Human Heart continues with Mio's perspective, along with bits from Jack, and a few other characters. Even though I feel a bit uncomfortable with different point of views in one novel because it can become messy and confusing, Zoë Marriott has made each POV very clear and easy to read. I don't think that I became confused and the writing style was wonderfully clear! 

The characters in Frail Human Heart are even better than before, and I loved how Mio reacted to what happened in the novel, as it was very realistic! And looking back to the very first novel (The Night Itself) to Frail Human Heart Mio has changed so much, she has really come out of her shell! I adored how Zoë has worked on the characters, and how they've changed throughout the different novels, and by the time I had reached the end of Frail Human Heart- it was really sad to say goodbye to them, considering I felt as if I knew them in person. 

I think that the plot in Frail Human Heart was one of the best I have seen in a while. Everything was described clearly, so I was able to picture almost everything perfectly, as well as understand what was happening. I enjoyed how the plot progressed, Zoë wrote Frail Human Heart at a perfect pace and I loved how everything linked back to the other novels! The way the Zoë finished Frail Human Heart was a perfect sum up to The Name of the Blade trilogy! 

I definitely recommend this novel, and this trilogy if you haven't yet started it! Frail Human Heart was a brilliant read and I am sad that it is the end of The Name of the Blade trilogy because I would love to stay with Mio and her friends for a long time! Frail Human Heart is a novel to look out for! 

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