Poetry Corner


Hello everyone!
I'm back with this month's Poetry Corner, and coincidentally I'm at a festival called WORDfest which is mainly celebrating words, literature and poetry. (There will be a post on this event next month!) So today, I have written a poem to do with, well, words. Hope you guys enjoyed this month's poem, and if you have a WORDfest festival near you did you go to it, if yes what did you think?

Word swim, around my head
as I fall into a literature sea,
Waves of emotions start to flow, 
as the waterfall of thoughts flood the page, 
Paper drenched in a beautiful verse, and passion surges 
while I start to drown in inspiration,
Ideas fill my lungs,
and my heart begins to flutter, 
as the ink drips from my pen. 

Do You Like Writing Poetry?

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