Writer's Block


As a writer, being struck with Writer's Block can be one of the worse things that can happen because it means you cannot write. And I can honestly say that being stuck with it for three months is a total pain, as I haven't made any progress and also means that I won't finish my novel when I planned to. This is annoying, of course, but as I am now wiggling myself out of Writer's Block I thought that it would be a great idea if I could share my advice on how to avoid being stuck in Writer's Block, and how to get out of it if you have already been stuck with it! 

When I reached 30K back in May, I planned that I was going to finish my novel by the summer of 2015 and have finished editing by September. But the weekend after I had reached that milestone, I was struck with Writer's Block and I couldn't write anything. Not even a single word! So three months down the line, I have found a way of getting out of Writer's Block and it has been working for me. Here's my advice: 

1. Get a Notebook

When I decided that I was going to start writing my novel, I went out and brought a notebook. This is where I like to write my ideas for my story and it includes the rough idea of what I want my novel's outcome to be like, plot ideas, quotations, character names, you name it. Having a notebook is really handy for when you're stuck in Writer's Block because even you can't continue writing your manuscript, you can just write whatever idea comes into your head. 

2. Get a Coffee (Preferably Starbucks) or a Tea

I always find that having a tea or a coffee helps me think about what will happen next in the novel. (It's also an excuse to pop to my local Starbucks,..) The caffeine should help you gather your thoughts quickly and easily, and hopefully it should give you inspiration to write! Having a coffee or a tea will also wake you up, as well, which is a good thing! 

3. Write

I know this sounds stupid, because you're stuck in Writer's Block. However, you don't have to carry on from where you left off on your manuscript, you can write anything you want. This can be relevant to your novel, or it can be something else. The way I got out of my Writer's Block was by writing the ending of my novel because the entire chapter kept on playing in my head and I wanted to get rid of it! By doing this, it helped me get out of Writer's Block and I have started to write again! 

Have You Been Stuck in Writer's Block?

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