As Black As Ebony by Salla Simukka (Lumikki Andersson, #3)


Thank you to publisher Hot Key Books for sending me an advanced copy of As Black As Ebony by Salla Simukka. In no way has this affected my opinion, nor the content of this review.
As Black As Ebony by Salla Simukka
Published by Hot Key Books on August, 6th, 2015.
Genres Crime, Thriller, Mystery, Young Adult.
Pages 176.
Format ARC.
Source Publisher.
Synopsis (Goodreads)
Lumikki has a new boyfriend - easygoing, gorgeous Sampsa - but she is unfaithful in her dreams, longing for the electrifying touch of her ex, Blaze.
Then the threats start arriving, from someone who seems to know Lumikki intimately. Sharing her fears risks deadly consequences; now she is more alone than ever.
When Blaze suddenly reappears, Lumikki is torn. She can't deny the chemistry between them, but can she trust him? To stop the killer, Lumikki must uncover a dark secret that has haunted her family for years.
Ever since I finished As Red As Blood Salla Simukka had me hooked onto her writing. Salla's writing is one of the best I have ever read, and her novels have made me reconsider my opinions about crime/ thriller novels. Fast forward to As Black As Ebony, and I am even more obsessed with Simukka's writing. As Black As Ebony is the final installment to the wonderful Lumikki Andersson trilogy. If you haven't started this series, then go do so, as this is not a trilogy to miss. 
Following the events that happened in Prague, Lumikki just wants a quiet life. She just wants to go down the normal track of events. Lumikki has a new boyfriend, and she finally thinks that everything will be fine again. However, Lumikki starts to get threats and she doesn't know what to do. And she realizes that her life isn't ready to go back to being normal...I have adored seeing Lumikki's character grow throughout the three novels, and in As Black As Ebony Lumikki has turned even more badass! Her character was strongly written, and it was great seeing how she reacted to the events in the book. Salla Simukka has done a one of a kind character development! 
The order of events in this book was fantastic! It was clear all the way through As Black As Ebony, and I adored how the entire book ran. It was set at a perfect pace, and it was easy to follow. So easy, in fact, that I managed to finish this novel within one sitting. It was a great read, the plot was enticing and brilliant to read. I also think it's amazing how Salla never fails to make the arm on my hairs raise, she is a wonderful author and I crave more of her writing. 
I wasn't too sure on Sampsa and Blaze, I didn't think that their characters weren't described properly, and I found that they weren't included enough in As Black As Ebony. Furthermore, I also thought that Sampsa needed more of a background, I thought that his character was a little plain- so I did prefer Blaze than I did Sampsa. 
To conclude, if you're a fan of intense crime thrillers- As Black As Ebony is a novel that I recommend that you should pick up. It was really engrossing, I was glued to every single page. I love Salla Simukka's writing, and I hope that she writes more novels soon! 

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