The Almost King by Lucy Saxon. (Take Back the Skies, #2.)


Thank you to Bloomsbury Books for sending me an advanced copy of The Almost King. In no way has this affected my opinion of the novel, nor the content of the review.
The Almost King by Lucy Saxon
Published by Bloomsbury Books on June, 2nd, 2015.
Genres Young Adult, Steampunk, Science Fiction, Fiction, Romance.
Pages 416.
Format ARC Paperback.
Source Publisher.

Synopsis: (Goodreads) 
Aleks Vasin wants to be a hero in Siberene's famous army. But Rensav barracks is no place for heroes, let alone a 17-year-old dreamer. It's brutal, corrupt and violent. Without money or powerful friends, Aleks won't survive. In a bid for freedom, he heads far, far north, to the great city of Syvana, where skyships roam the heavens and a boy who doesn't want to be found can stay hidden- until he meets a girl, and an inventor, and then danger finds him...


Take Back the Skies left me in a book hangover, it was an amazing book and I enjoyed it very much! So after eagerly waiting an entire year for The Almost King, was torture, but I think it was worth the wait. I was instantly taken back into Tellus, and once again was I able to imagine what the world looked like. I was blown away by Lucy Saxon's debút, and I have to say the same for The Almost King! Lucy Saxon's latest novel was a very enjoyable read, and I was hooked with it for two days! 

After I had finished Take Back the Skies, I thought that the point of view would continue from Catherine Hunter, who was the protagonist in the previous novel, but instead Saxon has created a new character with a very clear point of view. I really enjoyed meeting Aleks, mainly because he stood out from the majority of the characters I have met in other novels. Aleks was really down to Earth, he had a really strong personality and I enjoyed reading about his adventures. Lucy Saxon has written a fantastic protagonist and it was brilliant to meet him! 

The plot of The Almost King was jammed packed, it was really engaging and I found it a perfect rainy day read! I didn't find the plot too fast paced, nor to slow paced, it ran smoothly and everything was understandable. If you are looking to find a novel that you want to read with a cup of tea, The Almost King is one I recommend! There are things in The Almost King that will make you laugh, cry, and shocked! I loved this book a lot! 

I'm really looking forward to see what Lucy Saxon has in store for this series, as her writing is amazing. The Almost King is a novel that I recommend, as it has a phenomenal read! 

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