Twisted Minds by Zoe Adams (Twisted Minds, #1)


Thank you to publisher Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly for sending me a copy of Twisted Minds by Zoe Adams. In no way has this affected my opinion nor the content of the review. 
Twisted Minds by Zoe Adams.
Published by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly on February 3rd 2015.
Genres Fantasy, Young Adult, Mystery.
Pages 192.
Format ARC.
Source Publisher.
Synopsis (Goodreads)
Talia Cornish never knew her parents. She has spent her whole life knowing that she was different from people around her. Hiding her quirks was not an easy task though. When she's accused of shoplifting, Talia is arrested. Yet, instead of going home, she's taken to Elsham Home for Gifted Youngsters. A place where it seems perfectly normal to have an imaginary friend at the age of seventeen... Talia and Devlin, her imaginary friend, meet a whole array of others like them, some with strange talents, and others with things buried deep inside of them. One question Talia is burning to know is: why have they all been brought here? Can what they have be tamed and controlled? Can they be free of their monstrosities? Or do the carers have ulterior motives for her, and her new found friends?

Twisted Minds is one of those books that I found intriguing to read, however it also left me very annoyed throughout the entire novel. It goes without saying that Zoe Adams’ novel has left me in a confused state. While I found that some parts of the writing was clear to follow, the majority of the questions I had weren’t answered and there parts of the story that I thought the author needed to elaborate on.

Talia is seventeen years old. She’s like any other girl, she goes to school, she’s currently doing her A Levels…But she has an imaginary friend called Devlin. I enjoyed meeting Talia and seeing her express her opinion throughout Twisted Minds, however most of the time I found her character aggravating. During the novel, I thought that Talia was a little too rushed, she was predictable, and sometimes I found her like pretty much the average clichéd girl. It’s sad to say this about Talia, because I could see her character going a long way. I also think that Adams needs to work on Talia a little more. I wanted to know her back story throughout Twisted Minds because there wasn’t much to the protagonist. I learnt more about Devlin than I did Talia. Devlin must have been my favourite character, he was entertaining and I thought that he was a well written character.

The other characters in Twisted Minds infuriated me a lot. There was hardly any description of them, their personalities seemed to be monotonous. I did not enjoy meeting them at all. Sure, they all had different features, but it was hardly described so I had a hard time trying to think what each character looked like. I’m disappointed with the character cast, but I’m hoping that the author will neaten them up in the next novels to come with this series.

Twisted Minds had a very dry plot. It was very rushed, Zoe Adams needs to work on her plot a little more. I found that things weren’t explained properly, and everything needed to be expanded more. And as I was nearing the end, the pace of the book sped up quickly and the entire ending of the novel became a complete mess. I am not happy with how Twisted Minds ended, because it was obvious what was going to happen. I saddened that I did not enjoy the plot.

I can see that Zoe Adams is a talented author, I did appreciate certain parts of Twisted Minds as well as one or two of the characters. This is a great read if you want to devour something in a short amount of time, and I do recommend it to those who relish in a bit of modern day fantasy. I don’t know whether I will continue with this series, but I might re-read Twisted Minds one day just to see if my opinion will change. 

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