Monsters by Emerald Fennell


Thank you to Hot Key Books for sending me a copy of Monsters by Emerald Fennell. In no way has this affected my opinion, nor the content of this review.

Monsters by Emerald Fennell.
Published by Hot Key Books on September, 3rd, 2015.
Genres Young Adult, Fiction, Thriller, Horror.
Pages 288.
Format ARC.
Source Publisher.
Synopsis: (Goodreads)
A blackly comic tale about two children you would never want to meet. 

Set in the Cornish town of Fowey, all is not as idyllic as the beautiful seaside town might seem. The body of a young woman is discovered in the nets of a fishing boat. It is established that the woman was murdered. Most are shocked and horrified. But there is somebody who is not - a twelve-year-old girl. She is delighted; she loves murders. Soon she is questioning the inhabitants of the town in her own personal investigation. But it is a bit boring on her own. Then Miles Giffard, a similarly odd twelve-year-old boy, arrives in Fowey with his mother, and they start investigating together. Oh, and also playing games that re-enact the murders. Just for fun, you understand... 

Monsters was a compelling read that had some brilliant plot twists, as well as a detailed story line that had me hooked at times. Emerald Fennell has created a fantastic thriller novel- that has some really clever horror elements written into it. As I was reading Monsters I occasionally felt the hairs on my arms raise as I got to quite a scary bit. It was an amazing story to read. 

Monsters was set during the summer holidays, and it is told from the perspective of a twelve-year-old girl. (Her name is never mentioned throughout the course of Fennell's novel, which was both disappointing, and confusing at the same time.) And having the seaside as the backdrop for the novel was ideal. However, I thought that the seaside town wasn't described much, but the hotel- that the protagonist stayed in- was. 

In my opinion, some of the characters seemed really monotonous- and the rest of them were really quiet, and I didn't see the point of them being included in the novel. Additionally I also thought that the majority of the characters were there to push the plot a little further, but I didn't that they should have been written. This is sad, because, I have heard so many brilliant things about this book. 

Emerald Fennell, on the other hand, has created some interesting plot twists. Throughout Monsters I kept on second guessing who the actual murderer was, and it took me a while to get it correct. There were parts of the novel that made me jump, and I found that the foreshadowing parts of the book were phenomenal! The ending, though, did sadden me because I found it too rushed- and it didn't really make complete sense. 

Monsters was an interesting read, and I did enjoy some parts of it. Emerald Fennell did create an interesting protagonist, but at times, I did find her annoying. 

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