My Favourite Quotes


Hello everybody! Today I'm sharing my three favourite quotes from some of the books I've really enjoyed in the past! Enjoy! :3

I think that everyone who has been on this blog knows that I am a H U G E fan of Holly Smale's phenomenal Geek Girl series, which has four books currently with the fifth coming out next spring. This quote is from the second book, and since I first came across it, it has been my all time favourite! I mention it in my English classes, if someone forgets an apostrophe, and sometimes in general conversations- if I'm ever talking about grammar/ English/ punctuation! I recommend that you check out Holly's books, because they are fantastic; Geek Girl is addictive, witty and brilliant- it's one of the best contemporary series I have come across! 

Sarah J. Maas' Throne of Glass series is wonderful, and I always find that Sarah's words are inspirational! And the quote that is feautured above is one of the best. Many quotes stick with me, but some do stand out- and Maas' 'You could rattle the stars' is one of them. I believe that this quote expresses the fact that you should follow your hopes and dreams, and it's just perfect! 

(MOCKINGJAY PART TWO COMES OUT IN A MONTH!!! I AM NOT READY FOR THE FEELS!!!) This is an awesome quote, and Suzanne Collins had really set the scene in Mockingjay with Katniss yelling this. (I'm currently re-reading this, and I still think that what Katniss said was badass!) This is one of the main turning points in Mockingjay, and it really moves the novel along.

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