NOTICE: Changes to The Books Bandit.


Hi all, happy October!

Today isn't a book related post, but more of a notice/information about the blog itself. As you might have seen, there have been hardly any posts going up at the moment - and that is because I have been slammed with quite a lot of work from school to do. (This is a shame because I've hardly read/blogged since I went back to my school in September.) However over the past few days, I've decided to make a few more changes to The Books Bandit.

Alongside The Books Bandit, I run a photography blog called Gee's Photography - which you might've already known if you follow me on social media. But trying to keep both blogs updated on a weekly basis can be hard at times, and trying to write several book posts a week and take photos to upload onto my photography blog at the same time does prove to be quite the challenge. I love book blogging with all my heart, and I've worked out a way to make running two different blogs easier for me. However, I can promise you that I won't stop book blogging because it is one of my favourite things to do.

Below you will find the different changes I will be making to The Books Bandit. I think that these new changes are a perfect new addition to the blog - and I hope that you will think the same. These changes will hopefully make my blog a bit more organised - as in past posts, I have found that my reviews and book related posts have been really messy and unprofessional. However, I would love to hear your thoughts on what you already think of The Books Bandit - as well as your thoughts for when the changes do start to take place.

The changes will happen from November 1st 2015, onwards. Here are the new things that will be featured on The Books Bandit:

There will be reviews twice a week*, one on a Monday and one on a Friday. Like all of my reviews that have been published on this blog, they will always remain 100% honest. As I am now moving into adult, classics and middle grade novels there will be more reviews for those types of books - however there I will be still reviewing young adult novels, as I still do read a lot of books in that area.

*A review might be replaced for a book related post - but there will be usually two reviews a week.

Guest Bloggers/Authors:
The Books Bandit is growing really popular - which I'm proud of, of course - and therefore, I'm trying to get more interviews with other book bloggers/authors. I love interviewing bloggers and authors, so always keep an eye out for any interviews on the blog!

Bookshelf Love/Poetry Corner/Monthly Recap:
If you're a regular vistor on the blog, then you might have seen posts that feature the different books I have gotten from publishers (Bookshelf Love) as well as several poems that I have written (Poetry Corner). I've decided to stop doing these types of posts because I feel that they're not interesting enough to be on the blog any more. Monthly Recap, however, will start up again at the end of November. If you would like to see the different books I get from publishers - then check out my Instagram as that is where I take all of my book photos!

Other Types of Posts:
Very rarely will there be posts that do not relate to books. This is mainly because this is a book blog, and that I don't really feel like they're an necessity. If I feel like a non book/blog related post is needed, then it will replace one of the reviews that go up per week.

Sorry, that was one long post - but I just wanted to let you all know what is happening to the blog! So from November 1st, the changes will take place. (A new blog design might happen as well.) Happy reading!


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