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What's Your Favourite Christmas Film?

I don't usually tend to watch Christmas films, mainly because I do sometimes find that they're uninteresting and I find that the majority of Christmas films follow the same plot. I've perhaps seen two or three Christmas films, but I've had to stop watching them halfway through because I got really fed up with them. However, the Christmas film I have enjoyed is The Polar Express because I've grown up to it and every time that I have seen it, I fall in love with the plot. Actually, I think that The Polar Express was one of the first Christmas films that I remember watching. So I guess that The Polar Express is my favourite Christmas (or Christmas-y) film.

Do You Open Presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?

For as long as I can remember, I have always opened my presents on Christmas Eve. (I don't know exactly why.) Every Christmas Eve, I will open my presents after dinner (although I usually open my stocking presents when I wake up on the 24th) and then on Christmas Day, it would be a day of 'relaxation' - I read a book, and then watch the Christmas specials with my mom and step-dad - and then I normally open some more presents on Boxing Day, as my nan and uncle come over. 

Do You Have a Favourite Christmas Memory?

I do. It's every year when I put up the Christmas tree with my mom along with the rest of the decorations. I still love the excitement of putting the tree together (we have a fake one) and watching the twinkling lights aways makes me happy. I get really excited when I put up the tree, so I would say that the putting up of the decorations is my favourite Christmas memory.

Favourite Festive Food?

Cake. Chocolate cake is always the answer. (I detest Christmas pudding, so I always have chocolate cake with Bailey's cream.)

Favourite Christmas Gift?

Um, I don't really know to be honest. I usually get quite a few books, the odd video game, clothing and vouchers. I love all of the presents I get for Christmas, so I don't particularly have a favourite.

Favourite Christmas Scent?

Cinnamon and pine. (And the occasional hot chocolate as well.) I love the smell of Christmas trees, so I do get a *little* disappointed that I don't have a real tree each year - but the smell is divine. Cinnamon is the best smell for me, it's warm and delicious (I like to drink cinnamon tea).

Do You have any Christmas Eve Traditions?

As mentioned above, I celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve so I usually get up in the morning, open my stocking presents, eat some food and do normal stuff until Christmas dinner and after that, I open my presents with my family. :3

What Tops Your Christmas Tree?

Usually, a fairy because our star doesn't stay on our tree.

What was the One (Wild, Crazy...) Gift You Asked For but Never Received? 

I usually ask for a trip to Disneyland Paris because I haven't been there ofr so long! But, alas, I never get the tickets to go. One day, perhaps. One day.

What's the Best Part about Christmas for You?  

I think that it has to be spending time with my family over the two weeks that I'm off, as well as talking to my friends. (And the food.) Christmas really brings the family together, which is why I love it so much!

Thank you to Holly for tagging me! I tag Orli from Blame My Bookshelf and Jess from Jess Hearts Books!


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