REVIEW: Moth Girls by Anne Cassidy


*Thank you to Hot Key Books for sending me an advanced copy of Moth Girls by Anne Cassidy. In no way has this affected my opinion, nor the content of this review.*
Moth Girls by Anne Cassidy.
Publisher Hot Key Books.
Publication Date January, 7th, 2016.
Genres Young Adult, Mystery, Thriller.
Pages 304.
Format ARC.
Source Publisher.

Goodreads Synopsis:

Helplessly drawn like moths to the light, two girls go missing in an evocative and gripping tale . . .

They called them the Moth Girls because they were attracted to the house. They were drawn to it. Or, at least, that is what is written in the newspapers that Mandy reads on the anniversary of when her two best friends went missing. Five years have passed since Petra and Tina were determined to explore the dilapidated house on Princess Street. But what started off as a dare ended with the two girls vanishing. As Mandy's memories of the disappearance of her two friends are ignited once again, disturbing details will resurface in her mind.

While reading Moth Girls, I was expecting mystery and a thriller that would make my heart stop constantly. However, I was disappointed by Cassidy's book because it didn't really have the mystery that was claimed for this novel.

I was drawn to the book by the cover and the blurb. Moth Girl's cover seemed to add a real hint of mystery to it - and the blurb made it seem that Cassidy's book was going to be a great thriller. But, I was wrong. While I can see where Cassidy was trying to go with her latest novel, I just could not get into Moth Girls and I found most parts annoying and boring. 

Moth Girl is told by switching from the modern day - five years on after Tina and Petra's disappearance - and in the past tense. This was an interesting aspect of the book, Cassidy made sure that the reader knew and understood what was happening; it was an easy read.

I didn't take any particular liking to any of the characters. I felt that Mandy was too plain, and I just wasn't overly a huge fan of her. Mandy, and the other characters, seemed to be the same as Cassidy's other characters in her different novels - so I found this a shame because I felt like I already knew them all.

While I am a fan of Anne Cassidy, I just felt that this wasn't her best book. This is sad, because I love her other stories, but Moth Girls was too long and I felt that some bits should have been explained further - especially the ending. All in all, I just didn't like this book. 

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