REVIEW: Othergirl by Nicole Burstein


Othergirl by Nicole Burstein.
Published by AndersenAndersen Press Ltd on April 2nd, 2015.
Genres Young Adult, Contemporary, Superheroes (Comics), Young Adult, Fantasy, Science Fiction.
Pages 272.
Format Paperback.
Source YALC Book-swap.

Louise and Erica have been best friends since forever. They're closer than sisters and depend on each other for almost everything. Just one problem: Erica has superpowers.

When Erica isn't doing loop-the-loops in the sky or burning things with her heat pulse powers, she needs Louise to hold her non-super life together. After all, the girls still have homework, parents and boys to figure out. But being a superhero's BFF is not easy, especially as trouble has a way of seeking them out. Soon Louise discovers that Erica might be able to survive explosions and fly faster than a speeding bullet, but she can't win every fight by herself. Life isn't a comic book - it's even crazier than that.

 I adore reading comics, watching superhero films/TV shows and anything else to do with them - so I was really excited to start reading a novel that specialises in that area. Othergirl has superheroes left, right, and centre, and it was really great to see them in our world - the UK to be precise. Burstein's writing is witty, and all the way throughout Othergirl I giggled and connected with the protagonist, Louise. 

 What was really interesting about Othergirl is that the protagonist wasn't a superhero. Rather, she's the best friend of one. And when I read my comics I never get to find out the inner emotions of the best friend because the attention is usually set on the, well, hero. But reading a book that was based on the view of the friend was fantastic, and I really enjoyed seeing this perspective in Othergirl. This was a brilliant twist to what I normally see, and it made me adore Burstein's novel. 

 The plot for Othergirl was amazing, I enjoyed it so much! Othergirl is told from the first person perspective of Louise, the best friend to Erica who is the superhero in the story, who helps out with the costume making, and helping her friend control her mind-blowing powers. Louise is just normal, and she's quite glad about it all. But soon Erica begins to need help, as she begins to get into trouble. From the moment that I started Othergirl, I was addicted to Burstein's writing - it was addictive in so many ways! 

 Usually, when somebody recommends me a book (I was originally recommended Othergirl) I get a bit wary because the novel might not be to my liking; however, with Othergirl I didn't get that and I fell in love with the story within the first few minutes. This is something I recommend that you read, especially because of the superhero movies that are coming out later this year! 

 To sum up, Othergirl by Nicole Burstein was an uplifting read and I am really hoping that there is a sequel to this because I would love to see more of Louise and Erica. It was phenomenal to see another perspective, rather than always seeing the superhero's. I recommend this book if you want to see some kick-ass action! 

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